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This is a past exhibition.


Hall A

Typical time required:

30 - 60 minutes

Closure Notice

The i-Space Exhibition is closing soon. The Inspiration Section will be open till 14 November 2012 and the rest of the exhibition will be open till 2 December 2012. Catch it before it goes! 


Infocomm Technology. That phrase brings up images of mobile communications, computing on the go, and telecommuting to work. But is that all there is to infocomm technology? Or are we only just beginning to discover the possibilities?

At iSpace, you’ll discover a new perspective on infocomm technology. With countless technology applications built into a diverse range of interactive exhibits in four specialty areas, you will be taken on a guided journey through time – from the beginnings of infocomm technology in the first area called Inspiration, to Work and Home in the infocomm age and into a future beyond your wildest Imagination.




The wild plots in science fiction stories can sometimes seem impossible in real life. But some real inventions were actually inspired by science fiction. See for yourself how visionary science fiction works of the past and present inspire scientists and technologists today and tomorrow.


Infocomm Work

The advancement of technology has encouraged collaboration between different countries. Technology now allows us to communicate with our partners overseas without having to make a trip there.

Explore this area and participate in a videoconference interview with a difference. See the possibilities of how we may work in the smart office of the future.





Infocomm Home

Homes in the future will be quite different from what we have now. Imagine automated lightings, entertainment systems and kitchen appliances, having a wealth of information available anywhere in your home, or being able to control your oven to start cooking your dinner while you are still in the office.

Get a first-hand look at the smart technologies that will play a central role in the IT-enabled lifestyle.





There are no limits to what we can do if we only dare to imagine. So, imagine the possibilities of what the future holds. Take a look what we think is in the future, and then think about your own vision of the future.



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