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Discovery Zone

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This is a past exhibition. 


Hall D

Typical time required:

30 - 60 minutes

Kindly note that this exhibition will be permanently closed from 15 Feb 2012.

The Discovery Zone is a hands-on interactive area designed for children between 4-12 years of age. With its varied and innovative exhibits pitched at various levels of comprehension, Discovery Zone provides a creative early introduction to science for the young. 

The message here is clear: science is extremely exciting and lots of fun. The exhibits are designed to encourage learning through play. Covering a diverse range of topics, they help answer the why, how and what – questions that are ever present in young inquiring minds.

The Exhibition consists of three areas:

Making Sense

Music beams, duck-in kaleidoscope, speaking tubes and smell boxes are some of the exhibits that combine to make this area a multi-sensory experience.

Children explore their senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to discover more about themselves.




Water Play

Crank the handles of a peristaltic pump, a rag-and-chain pump, an Archimedes' screw and a plunger pump to raise water up pipes. Watch the water spill into a bowl which eventually tips over.

Discover science while playing with the exhibits in Water Play.


Things Alive

Come face to face with living creatures in this crawl-through space. From mice and gerbils to hissing cockroaches, children can explore the wonders of living things and learn about caring for nature.







Chicks hatch on day 21 of their incubation period. See for yourself how much work a chick has to put into hatching. From the initial crack in the egg shell, it may take up to a day for the chick to fully hatch. 

Do you have the patience to wait? It would be worth it!


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