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This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:
21 October 2011 to
26 February 2012



Typical time required:

60-90 minutes

Join us and embark on a journey 250 million years back in time for an unforgettable prehistoric adventure at the 'Dinosaurs-Live!' Exhibition. See almost 50 life-sized dinosaurs come to life! Roam their created habitats and hear them roar, as you learn scientific facts about these colossal creatures which once walked the face of the earth... 'Dinosaurs-Live!' promises to be an unforgettable experience, highly educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages!

Click here to view details on an exclusively designed exhibition trail booklet, admission charges and directions to the Science Centre.


  • Clash of the Titans
  • Size matters!
  • Not so cold blooded after all


  • Dig Pit!
  • Dino-Rides
  • Dino-Kiosks
  • Dino-Store 

Click here to view brief details on some of the highlights.

Exclusive Expert Talk! - Australia's Polar Dinosaurs 


Renowned Palaeontologists, Thomas H. Rich and Patricia Vickers-Rich will be delivering an intriguing talk at Science Centre Singapore:


Talk: 7 January 2012, 2-3.30 pm - Maxwell Auditorium


No pre-registration is required but Science Centre admission fees apply.
Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to see them in person and find out all about Australia's polar dinosaurs!  

See a dinosaur come alive!*

Using the Dinos Live! iphone application, view augmented reality 3D dinosaurs launching from the images below! You can see the 3D pop-out effect right on your computer monitor, or download and print the images to view them on your desk or table.  


  1. Download the free app - Dinos Live! (from the App Store).
  2. Find the appropriate image in the selection menu.
  3. Focus your device on the image.
  4. Watch a dinosaur come alive!

*Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch (4th generation) and iPad2.


Click on the images above to view them at full size (Remember, you can print them out before using your app to view the 3D effect on a flat surface like a table).

  Facebook Page

 Click here to view the Dinosaurs-Live Facebook Page and don't forget to check out the demonstration video on how to download the app from the App Store and use it to view 3D pop-out dinosaurs on the images above!


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