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Candy Unwrapped




This exhibition is closed.


Halls D & E 

Typical Time Required:

60 minutes

Free Admission:

Only Science Centre admission fees apply



Featuring 17 groups, divided into four key sections of interactive exhibits, the Candy Unwrapped exhibition will uncover the surprising biology, chemistry, physiology and psychology behind the world of candy!

  • Explore how taste and your other senses, such as sight and smell, are used by the human body to determine what tastes good!
  • Examine the many uses of sugar, from making chocolate treats to treating wounds to forming concrete bricks!
  • Enjoy the rich history of cultural diversity of candy and other yummy treats from around the world!
  • Experience the memories and the romantic powers associated with treats you love




Taste Bud Tango

Jump on the oh-so cushy giant tongue and learn about taste buds, where they exist, the incredible sensory complexity of the human tongue, and the different types of taste receptors that allow different taste experiences.


Crystal Mountain

Climb along the Crystal Mountain to get a feel for what giant sugar crystals might be like. Learn how rock candy is like diamonds and how crystal molecules form.







Visit the past and present of the ultimate in extreme candies from the 40's to the 90s. See how candy companies continue to push the envelope in trying to out-gross, out- gore, out-shock and out-sour each other to find the ultimate extreme candy!


Energy Burn

Jump on a stationary bike and pedal to reveal how much hard work you need to burn off a single sugar cube. Learn about the way your body creates and uses energy and which types of food energy work best for your body.


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