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Uniquely You


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This is a past exhibition.

Hall A, Science Centre Singapore

Typical time required:

30 min  



Have you ever thought about what makes you special? Why you look different, think differently or behave differently from others? Scientists have been working hard to find out too! As it turns out, the answer might just lie in a complex relationship between your genes, environment and the kind of lifestyle you lead.

The Uniquely You exhibition explores the complex combination and interaction of genetic inheritance, environment and lifestyle influences through three sections.

Exhibition Highlights


This first section of the exhibition dressed in vibrant yellow, looks at how the body keeps balance. This balancing act is achieved through a series of feedback mechanisms and is known as homeostasis. The exhibits in this section examine the role of hormones in homeostasis and even the role of your immune system in maintaining balance.

Don’t forget to check out our aging exhibit to see how you would look like ten or twenty years later. Also, try out the stress challenge in the ‘Staying Clam’ theatre to see how well you react to stress.




‘Beautiful You’ deals with both attraction and the role of your genes in the early stages of your development. The exhibits featured in this section highlight how our reaction to love is governed by as well as in the brain. Take part in activities to uncover if there truly are gender differences and catch a glimpse of development inside the womb in 3D!


The last section of the exhibition examines the role of medical science research in aiding our understanding of the human body and our ailments. The exhibits here discuss the ethical implications of our advancing knowledge and challenges visitors to think beyond to a future where humans can transcend biology; to an age where we can change our genes and extend our life. Will you be prepared for such dramatic change? Would you accept a different body plan?

See cutting edge medicine at work through exhibits such as ‘Inside You’, a smart touch interface tool which illustrates the use of CT scan technology and virtual autopsies. The ‘Inside You’ exhibit is developed by a Swedish Institute of Excellence, The Interactive Institute.


Also, learn about the 4 pillars of medicine through the exhibit ‘Revolutionising Medicine’ and make your own opinions about the implications of future medical treatments through the exhibit ‘Biomedical Dilemmas’.