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Tuning in: Brain & Body


Exhibition Date:

Open from 13 Dec 2014


Hall F, Science Centre

Typical Visit Time:

30 - 50 min

The human brain: weighs 1.5kg, fills up a 1.25l soft drink bottle with space to spare – and contains at least 10 times more nerve cells than there are people on Earth. The brain is a living, physical encapsulation of what makes you, you.

If you think about it, for something so intimately us we really know very little about it – till now. With great ingenuity and advances in scanning technology we discovered the both crazy and wonderful workings of that most mysterious organ.

Exhibition Highlights


Sensing brain

In the SENSING BRAIN learn how we perceive the surroundings; the grotesquely cute Homonculus will tickle your fancy while showing how sensitive your body’s various parts are to touch, or take a unique selfie at the ASCII photo booth and express your inner self in letters.

Emotional brain

The EMOTIONAL BRAIN explores how different parts of the brain evolved to express and feel emotions. See how the human brain evolved over the ages, from the primordial brain stem to the enlarged “primate brain” that distinguishes us from most animals.




Thinking brain

The THINKING BRAIN delves into how we think – this big idea called cognition – and it shapes the way we think about the way we think. Challenge yourself at the Star Tracing interactive, witness the memory genius of the London cabby, all within the shadow of a mid-brain art installation.

21st Century Brain

The 21st CENTURY BRAIN shares how our understanding is shaped by the work done today, both overseas and in Singapore. Watch live fMRI scans of professionals as they listen to the sounds of their profession, listen to a local neuroscientist talk about a local mental health issue facing Singapore and play some games that explores upcoming topics linking the brain and body.


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