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Travel & Discovery


Exhibition Date:

Open from 29 Jun 2016



Annex Foyer, Science Centre


Typical time required:

20 minutes



At the turn of the millennium, a group of Adventurers decided to embark on the ultimate driving trip with the aim to explore and learn about as much of the world as possible. This extraordinary Millennium Adventure that lasted three years was to span 116 countries and covered a driving distance of over 245,000 kilometers!

Presented through the generous support of Jim Rogers, the Travel & Discovery exhibition is an elaborate diorama setting that aims to present a snapshot of the Millennium Adventure, so as to capture the imagination of the public and to inspire their desire for exploration and adventure. Through various items that were brought along for the journey, find out more about some aspects of science and technology that enables travel.



Trusty Wheels

Admire the actual vehicles used for the Millennium Adventure. What are some features built into the cars that made them more suitable for their long and arduous journey?





Can’t Leave Home without it

Most of the gear and equipment displayed within the diorama are originals that were brought along for the journey. What was the rationale for bringing along some of these item? How did they contribute to the success of the journey?


Adventure at the Centre

Go on a discovery journey around the Science Centre! Besides the stamp station at the Travel & Discovery exhibition, there are 5 other stamp stations placed at different locations within the Centre. Try to locate and collect all the stamps to complete your stamp collage and to uncover a hidden image.   




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