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Singapore Innovations - From Ideas to Creations




Exhibition Date:

Open from 25 Sep 2015


Level 2, Science Centre

Typical Visit Time:

30 min


Curious about some of the “By Singaporeans” innovations that are making their mark regionally or globally? What inspired each innovator to come up with their creations and how was the process like? This exhibition shares about the science and engineering that goes behind each featured innovation, and explores the creation journey from ideation to its realisation. Back To Top


Exhibition Highlights


Let’s Hack Life!

In our daily life, some of us also get innovative to save time and money, or to reduce frustration and hassle. No need is too small. Check out a showcase of the creative and useful life hacks or little “shortcuts” that are submitted by fellow Singaporeans to address some of the needs in their lives! You can submit your very own life hack too via Instagram and tag #sciencehackSG





Vertical Farming System by Sky Greens

See for yourself an actual working model of the Vertical Farming System – an innovative way to grow vegetables where farmland is limited. Observe the patented water pulley system and how its intricate mechanism slowly rotates racks of vegetables troughs around an A-frame and ensures that they get adequate nutrients.




RevoReef by Qian Hu

One of Qian Hu’s numerous innovations, in fish care and aquarium accessories, is the RevoReef – a marine tank which incorporates a patented water purification technology and requires less frequent water changes while ensuring optimum water quality for livestock. Gain an insight to the various stages of filtration in the system before clean water is being returned to the tank.





Rig by Keppel-FELS

One of the uses of a jackup rig is the exploration of oil. Many are not aware that Singapore, a country without oil and gas resources, is actually the world’s largest jackup rig manufacturer. Be amazed by the huge jackup rig mockup model and find out how the award-winning B class rig is deployed to serve its functions.





Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System by Biomax Technologies

Through this unique system, organic wastes like poop, food wastes and sludge can be turned into fertilisers within a short span of 24 hours! Discover what are the components that work in tandem to speed up this composting process.

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