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Science Art as One



This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:
5 Aug - 25 Aug 2017


Annex, Science Centre Singapore

ScienceArts at Science Centre Singapore Exhibition is specially curated to celebrate PAssionArts Festival, Science Centre Singapore (SCS) 40th Anniversary and National Day. With 10 art installations, co-created by residents and artists, the installations show the intersection between Science and Arts. These art installations are interactive and showcase the talent and hard work that the residents put months into creating the final artwork. Some highlights of the exhibition below.



Dancing Stars

Made from recycled materials, Dancing Stars make use of structure called the Hoberman sphere. These stars can be folded and expanded by the scissor-like action of its joint. See hundreds of these stars in motion, and also get to play with one on your own.

Light Catcher

Light catcher makes use of reflective paper to create unique light patterns on the screen. Play with lights and shadows in this interactive exhibit.



My Teepee Village

Made by residents of Bukit Batok, the teepee is the final outcome of months of crocheting. The teepee incorporate lights to recreate the village setting.   


Kaleidoscope Singapore 

This paper quilling art will incorporate gears and cams to create an interesting piece of art with motion and 3D effects. Lights will be added to show Singapore’s night time skyline.


Exhibition Launch

Look out for the launch of this “Science Art as One” exhibition held in conjunction with Yuhua PAssionArts Village on 5 Aug 2017, 5.30pm to 9.00pm.

Yuhua PAssionArts Village will be situated at the SCS Atrium, outside the SCS Annexe Hall, and there will be hands-on multi-cultural art making like painting of the dim sum basket managed by community volunteers.

There will also be mass music jamming by 500 guitarists, 200 ukulele and cajon players, mostly residents of Jurong cluster, multi-cultural performance and mass community sing-along. Back To Top