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Science at your Fingertips

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Explore our Exhibits The Science Centre’s exhibition galleries feature more than 1000 individual exhibits, most of which are interactive and hands-on. To see all of these in one visit is virtually impossible, so we recommend you select a couple of exhibitions and take your time to explore them. You can always come back another day to see the rest!

You can even see us when your are overseas! Our Travelling Exhibitions are loan/lease to various international venues. In addition to the "permanent" exhibitions here, you will want to visit our mid-year and end-of-year "blockbuster" exhibitions which add to the excitement of Science - always something new to learn.

See you there!

Russian Space Exhibition

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Butterflies Up-Close

Marine Alcove Marine Alcove Our Solar System


Invent! It's in You!
Fire Fire Ecogarden Ecogarden Scientist For a Day
Earth Waterworks WaterWorks Quirky
Uniquely You The Mind's Eye The Mind's Eye iZ Hero
Bioethics Defending Science Climate Change
Climate Challenge
Island Adventurer Kinetic Garden Tuning in: Brain & Body

The Tinkering Studio

Singapore Innovations - From Ideas to Creations


Travel & Discovery


Funfair Maths

Upcoming Exhibition

Past Exhibitions

CSI: The Experience Nanotechnology Bunny Mania!
Planet Shark A New Perspective on Mars Robot Zoo
Copyright Nature Polar Exhibition Breast Cancer
Sultans of Science Water Discovery Zone
Dinosaurs-Live! Primary Science Learning Experience Biorhythm
Time Capsule Eye of the Sky i-SPACE
Defence Science Revealed House of Blood Space Science
Living With Viruses Megabugs Return! Titans of the Past
Genome Sketches of Science Candy Unwrapped
Exploring Nature's Design Mathematics: Everywhere & Everyday Earthquakes & Tsunamis - Living with Risk
Rice & the Cycle of Life  Fun With Dinosaurs Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition 
Interplay Sound Haze: Know It. Stop It.
Visual SG Explore the Arctic Monsters of the Sea

Human Body Experience