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Russian Space Exhibition



This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:
From 23 Nov 16
to 6 Jan 17


Entrance, Science Centre Singapore

Typical time required:

30 min  


Exhibition Synopsis

For thousands of years, the heavens above were anyone’s guess. Ingenious tools were created to observe and now get closer to the celestial objects like the moon and the brightest stars in the night sky. People’s dream of travelling to space became a reality when Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space and the first person to orbit the Earth. 

Exhibition Highlights

The Russian Space Exhibition features archival photos of Yuri Gagarin which document some of the key events which happened before, during and after the flight.  

The second part of the exhibition features photos from Anton Shkaplerov who spent some time living onboard International Space Station (ISS). 



A Space Experience

Click on the video below to watch cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov's experience of going on-board the International Space Station.




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