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Robot Zoo - Temporary Exhibition



This is a past exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

20 November 2010 to 
15 May 2011





Typical time required:

30 – 60 minutes


Admission Charges:

$1 (Adult/Child)


Welcome to the wonders of The Robot Zoo!

Immerse yourself in this educational exhibition which uses biomechanics of giant robot animals to simulate how real animals work. Get up close to six larger-than-life animals – bat, chameleon, giraffe, grasshopper, platypus and rhinoceros.

Cutaway sections of the animal robots expose a host of easily recognisable machine parts and gadgets which correspond to real animal parts. By comparing anatomy, environment and size, Robot Zoo lends amazing insight into how animals work.

Find out how a chameleon changes colour, how a bat locates its prey in the dark, how the near-blind rhino uses its keen sense of hearing to make sense of its world, and plenty more at this fun-filled exhibition.