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Polar Exhibition - Temporary Exhibition



This is a past exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

22 March 2011 to 
31 May 2011



Western Entrance, Science Centre


Typical time required:

15 – 30 minutes

Have you ever wondered how pioneer polar adventurers survived the extreme, freezing environments of the North and South Pole more than a hundred years ago? Or how polar expeditions are carried out today? What is the allure of the white wilderness? And how will the Polar Regions change in response to climate fluctuations?
To learn more about the environment and history of the Polar Regions, visit the Polar Norway Exhibition at the Science Centre. The Polar Norway Exhibition is brought to you by the Science Centre and the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Movie Screenings, 21 March – 31 May 2011

4 Films will be selectively screened at the Science Centre and Snow City depicting the issues of global climate cataclysm. Free viewing at the Polar Bear Sanctuary for Snow City entrees only.

  • Frozen Heart (Science Centre Library - Weekdays Only)
  • Roald Amundsens Sydpolsferd (1910-1912) (Science Centre Library - Weekdays Only)
  • Breaking the Ice - Arctic Style (Snow City)

"Polar Norway - the White Adventure" Poster Competition

The “Polar Norway - the White Adventure” Poster Competition is an educational challenge which encourages the students and the mass public to tap their unlimited creativity and imagination to shape and share information with the rest of the world through their drawing, painting, and graphic design. Through this process, the competition hopes to achieve the following for the participants:

  • To allow them to showcase their talent and understanding of cilmate change and other topical issues
  • To promote and cultivate an interest in the study of the Polar Regions


The theme revolves around climate change in the Polar Regions. The challenge is to draw/paint/design a poster that sufficiently describes how climate change has affected the Polar Region and how it affects the world we live in. Tell us what you think through your artwork. Selected entries will be displayed at the Science Centre Singapore.

Participation Categories

The competition is divided into the following 2 circuits:

  • Primary Schools
         - Drawing or Painting (max. A3 size)
  • Open, inclusive of Secondary Schools / Junior Colleges / Polytechnics / ITEs and others 
         - Digital Graphic Design (max. A3 size)

Registration and Submission

Register with your name, school (if any), and contact number and send to Registrations commence on 15 March 2011 and close on 14 April 2011. Competition entries should reach us by 29 April 2011. Participants can submit their entries via “yousendit” to this address, deliver a CD ROM submission in person to the Science Centre staff listed below, or mail their drawings / paintings / prints to the address stated below.
Att: Tarmizee Taksen
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

Judging Criteria

Judging will be done by a panel of judges helmed and appointed by Science Centre Singapore and The Norwegian Embassy and will be based on the criteria below. The judging decision is final.

Judging Criteria Scores Allocated
         -      Interpretation
         -      Idea Originality
         -      Creativity
         -      Composition


Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entrees from each circuit, and a certification of participation will be issued to all participants. 5 consolation prizes will also be awarded to each circuit. The award ceremony will be held on 27 May 2011 at the Science Centre Singapore.

1. Prize:  Apple iPad
2. Prize:  Apple iPod Touch
3. Prize:  Apple iPod Nano

5 Consolation Prizes:   Eco-friendly Solar Chargers

Contact Details

Mr Eugene Wambeck
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Tel: 6425 2607

Mr Tarmizee Taksen
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Tel: 6245 2535