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Where Science meets Arts


This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:

30 May 2015 to
16 August 2015

Annexe, Science Centre
Typical time required:
1hr - 1.5hr


Brought to you by Science Centre Singapore and ARS ELECTRONICA Linz GmbH, Interplay is the local edition of original ARS ELECTRONICA Festival. The original exhibition from ARS ELECTRONICA Center in Linz, Austria is complemented by local works that similarly reflect the human relationship with digital technologies.

Interplay celebrates diverse blends of artistic genres, scientific domains and technological directions. Fun and interactive exhibits enlighten visitors about humans’ interconnectedness with the digital domain, and provoke thought into technology and its societal implications. 



Deep Space

Deep Space is a multidimensional space, that allows visitors to experience the micro and macro-cosmos in crystal-clear images.

Visitors will travel to far-away or long-vanished places and see things never seen before. One can  blast off on a journey through the universe or populate an ocean with sea creatures of their own design. Artworks of incredible beauty will enchant, and visitors will marvel at the impressive images from diverse domains of science and art.



Kinetic Light Sculpture

In this installation, a visual medley of light and motion is presented by shining light onto a rapidly rotating piece of rope that is attached to two fixed points.

Once set in motion, the vibrating rope becomes invisible to the human eye, while colours from the chromastrobe are revealed in rapid succession as it reflects off the rope in a range of colours.


Recollection Six

Recollections Six is an interactive installation that invites the participant to move while standing in front of a large video screen. As the person moves, his or her image is recorded by a video camera and passed on to a computer with special image processing capabilities.

Recollections Six is an artwork that is a collaboration between the participant and the artist. It gives an unforgettable experience, and teaches visitors about colour, form, movement, and computer graphics.

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