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Invent! It's In You!


This is a past exhibition.


Level 2, Science Centre Singapore
Typical Time Required:
30-60 min



Admission to the Laser Maze

Dear Visitors, kindly note that the Laser Maze has moved to the Mind's Eye Exhibition. Separate admission rates apply. The above promotion ends on 26 June 2016! So come on down and harness your inner Ninja at the Laser Maze!

Celebrate ideas and the inventive spirit at the Invent! Exhibition. Come and explore why we are driven to invent, and how we can make use of our innate characteristics like curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to make connections to help us invent.

The exhibition has four themes: Inventions Everywhere!, Tinker!, Inventors Spotlight!, and Reflect!


Inventions Everywhere!

This section sets the tone for the whole exhibition, illustrating the universal presence and influence of inventions in our daily lives. We celebrate inventions by honouring the beauty of the idea, and we explore some of the push factors that motivate people to invent. We examine the act of invention and ponder if we are all born truly inventive.


The open-ended exhibits in this section place emphasis on creativity and problem solving, encouraging you to be hands-on and imaginative. You might also like to check out the Tinkerer's Studio and take on a spot of "inventing"!




Inventors Spotlight! 

The rich stories and experiences of the select group of inventors featured in this section serve as inspiration. Flight (Take to the Skies!) and photography (Say Cheese!) are just two stories placed in the spotlight to show that inventing is not a solo process; we all play a part to make an invention better!


What are the consequences of our inventions? Have we become inseparable from our devices? What roles should robots play in the future – Slave or Equal?

This area encourages you to examine questions which have implications on society, its progress and the act of invention itself.



Take to the Skies

Take to the Skies tells the story of mankind's quest to fly. Join us in this special presentation as we celebrate the pioneers who dared to dream, and discover the traits that made them successful in their efforts to take mankind to the skies.

The show begins once an hour, on the hour, starting at 11.00am.

Duration: 15 minutes

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