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Fun With Dinosaurs - Temporary Exhibition



This is a past exhibition.


Exhibition Dates:

27 November 2010 to 
30 January 2011



Hall B


Typical time required:

30 – 60 minutes


Admission Charges:

$2 per Adult or Child (in addition to Science Centre admission)


Have you ever been winked at by a Velociraptor? The Fun With Dinosaurs exhibition features robotic dinosaurs, handmade in Japan using the latest state of the art ‘air servo system’ to replicate the dinosaurs' movements. You will be able to get close enough to these creatures to have a surprisingly personal encounter.

There is a  Stegosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus, a Triceratops and the Velociraptor, as well a our ‘Stan’, the world’s second most complete T-Rex fossil. And you can get hands-on with DIY activities like casting your very own dino fossil, searching for ‘bones’ at a dig site, and more.