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FunFair Maths



Exhibition Dates:

From 12 Mar 2016


Hall A, Science Centre
(as of October 2017)

Typical Visit Time:

45 minutes

Click to View Link.FunFair Maths contains exhibits from the Math Midway Exhibition.
The Math Midway is a production of the National Museum of Mathematics, New York City,
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Mathematics expresses itself everywhere, in almost every facet of life: in Nature, in the everyday-everywhere technologies in our hands, ... Even though not often in our direct view, if we pay attention, we will notice the Maths and its amazing beauty!

Mathematics is the "M" in STEM. It is the language of science, technology and engineering: it  describes our understanding of all that we observe in a most concise manner. More than just knowing how to calculate the total amount or change when we buy things, more than calculating past or future dates, the next eclipse, ... Mathematics exercises our minds. It teaches us to look for "patterns", and the discipline of exactitude. We need Mathematics to play games, to create amazing animations and visualisations, and much, much more!

FunFair Maths is a "travelling" exhibition, which means it may relocate to wherever it is demanded. It can travel locally (to a school or a shopping mall) or internationally. It can travel as a whole, or in parts. But wherever it travels, there will always be a FunFair Maths exhibition waiting for you at the Science Centre.

Gallery Pathway worksheets (for self-guided interaction) prepared for primary and secondary school classes, are available on request only after pre-booking has been confirmed. Please view our Enrichment Programmes – Gallery Pathways for more information.

FunFair Maths is in Hall A as of October 2017.
Please note that not all exhibits will be laid out due to the slightly smaller allocated floor space. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

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Exhibit Highlights

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Pedal on the Petals

Can a tricycle with square wheels move at all? Come take a circular ride on our square-wheel trike! Feel how smooth the ride. Why so?

For safety reasons, this exhibit will only be available if facilitators are present. No open-toe footwear is permitted.

A-Maze-ing Math

Your Challenge: to enter and get out of this right-turn-only maze in record time!

Think carefully before you enter!
Hint: Look well ahead.

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Number Line Tightrope

The monkey on a unicycle riding this tightrope is learning all about numbers. Ride along with it and learn the properties of the numbers at which it stops.

Travelling Carnival

There are n stations or "cities". Can you find the shortest route passing through each station only once before returning to your starting point?

If you can, you may have a shot at winning a Millennium Prize for this famous "travelling salesman problem"!

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Plant The Daisy

It's so simple: grab the stem of this super-tall daisy in one hand, and plant it on the pin in the pot!

But why is it so hard?"

Pirate X and Lady Y

The kidnapped Lady Y is running away from Pirate X - thereby unbalancing the ship, causing it to pitch in the violent seas because its cargo of "gold doubloons" is not properly stowed. Can you balance them? How heavy are Pirate X and Lady Y?

Can you see that X and Y are variables in an equation balanced by various constant numbers (the doubloons) on either side of the = sign? Is the balanced ship in fact a representation of an equation? How do you then solve X and Y?

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Very Important Notice

FunFair Maths is a facilitated experience. This means that for safety reasons, the exhibition or certain exhibits may NOT be accessible to visitors if our facilitators are unavailable.

Under certain circumstances, our facilitators may be called away, and as such, the exhibition may have to be temporarily closed. We regret any inconvenience caused. Please look out for any changes to the status and/or inquire at our Visitor Services.

Science Centre Singapore is recruiting temporary/casual workers. Please see Exhibit Explainers (Part-Time).

We advise that school classes or private groups of more than 20 pax should pre-register the period(s) of their visit(s). This is to ensure that facilitator(s) are available when you visit. Please view our Gallery Pathway programmes.

We strongly advise all parents/guardians/teachers to accompany their (young) children/students throughout their time in the exhibition.

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