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Eye of the Sky 

This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:
29 June 2012 to
25 July 2012

Hall B

Typical time required:
30 minutes

At first glimpse, this picture seems to be an ordinary view on Singapore’s downtown and harbour district. The three-dimensional impression in this extraordinary image is caused by typical effects of radar, called foreshortening and layover. Unlike optical satellites active radar, satellite systems send signals to the ground listening to their echo. Radar imagers always look sideways. Returning signals are allocated to the fore- or background of the image according to their travel-time back to the satellite. But this assumption sometimes fails. In the case of steep mountains or high-rise buildings the signal from the top of the object can reach the sensor earlier than that of its base and the object seems to be displaced or slightly distorted in the image causing a 3D-like effect.

The picture exhibition “Eye of the Sky” is the German contribution to the ASEAN-EU Year of Science, Technology and Innovation 2012. The exhibition features impressive satellite images of the earth taken by the German Aerospace Centre. Eye of the Sky is conceived for the wider public to enjoy the beauty of nature, gaining insights into nature in the process of change and getting informed about the advancement of scientific collaboration between Southeast Asia and Europe.

The introductory images of the exhibition depict the earth by night and provide a first impression of the energy consumption of countries and regions. Especially in Europe and the USA the image reveals a thoughtless use of electricity. Daytime images from Europe and Southeast Asia highlight the natural resources in these regions such as land, coastal, riverine and marine resources. Some images reveal the tremendous challenges faced by the natural environments due to human activity.

Science addresses these challenges by developing, among others, sustainable land use systems, efficient water technologies, risk and disaster management concepts, exploring renewable energy sources and planning the city of tomorrow. This cannot be achieved without a cooperation of scientists on an internationation scale. To highlight the ever closer cooperation between Southeast Asia and Europe, all images of the exhibition are linked to actual joint research projects, funded by either the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) or the EU’s Seventh Research Framework Pro-gramme (EU-FP7).

Singapore is the second leg of this exhibition which started in Hanoi and is travelling to other destinations in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Eye of the Sky in Singapore is co-organised by the DAAD, the German Embassy Singapore and the Science Centre Singapore.

Look out for the following images in the exhibition! (Click on each one to load a larger image)