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科学馆的展廊具有超过 1000 件独立展品,其中大部分都相当具有互动性和参与性。要想一次参观完所有展品几乎是不可能的,因此我们建议您事先选好几个展览项目,然后悠游自在的享受参观的乐趣。您可以在下次到访时再参观其它部分的展出!






Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic Mirror Maze

The Mind's Eye

 Dino Robot Factory

Butterflies Up-Close


Marine Alcove 海洋凹室 Our Solar System



Fire Ecogarden



Earth Waterworks 户外戏水场


Travel & Discovery

Funfair Maths

iZ Hero



Climate Change
Climate Challenge

Singapore Innovations - From Ideas to Creations

Kinetic Garden



Tuning in: Brain & Body

Tinkering Studio 







Upcoming Exhibitions

  Dialogue with Time Visual SG




Past Exhibitions

CSI: The Experience Nanotechnology Bunny Mania!
Planet Shark A New Perspective on Mars Robot Zoo
Copyright Nature Polar Exhibition Breast Cancer
Sultans of Science Water Discovery Zone
Dinosaurs-Live! Primary Science Learning Experience Biorhythm
Time Capsule Eye of the Sky i-SPACE
Defence Science Revealed House of Blood Space Science
Living With Viruses Megabugs Return! Titans of the Past
Genome Sketches of Science Candy Unwrapped
Exploring Nature's Design Mathematics: Everywhere & Everyday Earthquakes and Tsunamis - Living with Risk
Rice & the Cycle of Life Fun With Dinosaurs Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition
Interplay Sound Haze: Know It. Stop It.
Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Explore the Arctic Monsters of the Sea

Human Body Experience

Our Solar System

The Mind's Eye

Uniquely You

Russian Space Exhibition

Island Adventurer