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Earthquakes and Tsunamis - Living with Risk




This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:

6 Nov 2014 to
27 Nov 2014  


Hall , Mezzanine Floor, Science Centre


Typical time required:
30 min

While no one can prevent an earthquake or a tsunami from occurring, anyone may one day experience them. By learning about and preparing for these phenomena and knowing how to react, risks can be lowered and lives saved. Which is why this travelling exhibition: Earthquakes and tsunamis – Living with risk aims to sensibilise everyone to these risks and to the life-saving actions that counter them.


Exhibition Summary:


Earthquakes and tsunamis – Living with risk raises the general public’s awareness of earthquake risk and prevention through the presentation of a wide range of accounts from first-aid workers, experts and others who have been through an earthquake or a tsunami. The exhibition also includes prevention experiments and a quiz to individually test visitors’ behaviour and reactions if faced with a real disaster.


Through various hands-on exhibits and educational models, the exhibition presents a complete demonstrative approach to explaining the seismic phenomenon. Visitors are given an opportunity to understand the basic mechanics of earthquakes and tsunamis, and the principles of earthquake-resistant construction.

Some interactive exhibit highlights include:


A 5-meter long spring that allows the reproduction of a variety of seismic waves. Create P waves an S waves and learn the differences between them!



An earthquake model that shows how earthquakes build up, and why their occurrence can be so unpredictable.



A vibrating plate that allows you to feel earthquakes of different magnitude. Place your palm on it. How does the intensity of an earthquake changes as one moves away from the area of origin of the earthquake? 



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