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Defending Science 

Exhibition Dates:

Open from 30 July 2013  


Hall A, Science Centre

Typical time required:

60 - 90 minutes

Defending Science

Enter the mysterious world of defence scientists and engineers, and discover how science changes the rules of the game on the battlefield! A collaboration between DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore, the Defending Science exhibition is a mind-blowing experience filled with multimedia exhibits, interactive games and adrenaline-packed workshops. So get ready to be wowed in four exciting zones of Armour and Protection, Stealth and Surveillance, Flight and Radar!  

Stealth and Surveillance

See while being unseen – that is one of the key factors to military success. Learn how stealth and surveillance technologies can help to evade detection, collect intelligence and infiltrate enemy lines in this zone. There is also an interactive Out of Sight exhibit that allows the players to search for targets through the “eyes” of the visual, infra-red and hyperspectral cameras.



Science of Flight

Conquer the higher powers with defence science! Today’s modern military aircraft are made possible with the study of simple scientific concepts like lift, drag and flutter. Learn more about them and explore the nature of gravity and air, how aircraft wings work and supersonic flight in this fascinating zone.

Armour and Protection

Stand tall against all odds and break the unbreakable. As technology becomes more advanced, tanks and other armoured vehicles must constantly evolve to defend against new threats. In this zone, uncover the science behind the threats that tanks face and how armour can defeat them.



Overcome the limits of sight with radar. Used extensively in military and non-military applications, radars can see far beyond our naked eyes, form images that look almost like photographs and measure the speed of a moving object. Originally developed as a top-secret military technology, this zone reveals how radar systems work, the ways to reduce detection and how they are being used in space!