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Circus! Science Under The Big Top



This is a past exhibition.


The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore
Typical Time Required:
45-60 min


Come discover the secrets and the science behind the wonders of the Big Top at Circus! Science Under The Big Top! year-end exhibition.

There are more than 18 interactive exhibits to explore. Get behind-the-scenes of Circus! and experience how science is at the heart of excitement:

  • Juggling with science and math? Decipher the complex patterns and sequences involved in juggling. Try it! You will learn how the laws of physics work - or don't.
  • Explore the physics of the human cannonball by firing non-human projectiles and find out for yourself if it is more difficult to fly or land the cannonball.  
  • Follow your nose to the Food Vendor Cart to identify many of the smells of the circus and learn the physiological reasons why smells trigger nostalgia.



3-Metre High Wire

Get strapped into a harness and dare yourself to keep your focus on walking across a 3-Metre High Wire. Learn about the centre of mass and inertia through your walk and appreciate the psychology of balance and understand the human physiology when your palms start sweating and your heart starts racing! 




Elastic Acrobatics

Experience how elastic potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy by “springing” yourself up at Elastic Acrobatics exhibit. Perform your own somersaults hanging in mid-air and demonstrate some of the extreme physical capability that one can achieve. This is the time to challenge yourself and understand the remarkable design of your human body.


Explore the art of packanatomicalization. Discover how to fit inside a 50 cm cube and learn how flexibility is dependent on our muscles and elasticity of our collagen fibres to squeeze ourselves into a small constrain box. Snapshot your Contortionist moment and hashtag us at #ScienceCircusSG.




Circus Costumes and Play

Younger children, along with family and friends, can role-play, dress up, and play make-believe in the Circus Costumes and Play Area. Do not miss this opportunity to turn yourselves into many characters of Circus! Snap your photos and hashtag us at #ScienceCircusSG.

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There are lots of great photo opportunities, don’t forget to #ScienceCircusSG.

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