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Butterflies Up-Close



Exhibition Dates:

Open from 30 Apr 2016


Hall D, Science Centre


Typical time required:

45 - 60 minutes

Target Audience:

3 years old and above

Admission Charges

Admission charges apply in addition to  Science Centre admission rates. Click here for details.

Butterflies Up-Close invites you to experience the fascinating transformation of a butterfly from an egg to a beautiful winged adult. With only around 1 in 20 eggs making it to adulthood, the butterfly is met with numerous dangers and threats during each stage of its life cycle. You will get to gain a deeper insight on how the butterfly behaves, interacts with the surroundings, and survives each stage of its life cycle to reach adulthood.


Temporary Closure Notice

Kindly plan your visit around these Science Centre, KidsSTOP and Omni-Theatre closure dates in 201826 Mar, 2 Apr, 9 Apr, 16 Apr. Please view the full list of scheduled closures here for the latest updates prior to your visit and we look forward to welcoming you to the Science Centre Singapore.

Design your own Decoupage Box

Craft a beautiful decoupage box and bring home a handmade gift. Enjoy a tranquil view of fluttering butterflies and enjoy some morning tea. Click here for more information regarding the workshop.

Quick Links



Caterpillar Race

Legs first, head first, or abdomen first? Get to ‘race’ with your friend or family in this interactive game as you find out more on how the soft-bodied and flexible caterpillar moves! 



Magnified Butterfly

In the adult stage, what are the roles of a butterfly’s spiky leg and scaly wings? Located within our research pod, get to observe and get a truly up-close view of real butterflies under a microscope!

Tilt-tilating Butterfly

Try out for yourself and see how a butterfly ‘shimmers’ as you alter the angle of light that is shining on it. Some butterflies express a phenomenon called iridescence. How can this help in its survival out in the wild?



Live Butterfly Enclosure

Step into Singapore’s first and only indoor butterfly enclosure, where both humidity and temperature are carefully regulated to ensure that both plants and butterflies, sharing a close-knitted relationship, do well. Over here, you will get to come face-to-face with butterflies from Singapore and around the region. Marvel at the majestic Rice Paper butterfly as it flutter fashionably past you, witness the butterflies sipping their meals, and observe at close range and try to tell the various birdwing butterflies apart from each other.

*The number of butterflies and species vary depending on the season.

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Guided Tour

There will be a free guided tour at Butterflies Up-Close (Hall D) at 2.30pm. Please note that admission charges to Butterflies Up-Close apply.

To join the tour, please assemble after the Butterflies-Up-Close turnstile at 2.25pm.


Celebrate Your Birthday With Us

Celebrate your birthday in Singapore’s first indoor Butterfly Sanctuary.

Fairy Wings Package
Let the iridescent shimmer of butterfly wings bring you on a mythical journey! Be a “fairy” for a day and dance amongst countless live butterflies from around the region.
Explore the Animal Zone and marvel at newly hatched chicks, cut gerbils and more. Seek out the fragrance of fruit trees and vegetables at the Ecogarden.

Forest Fun Package
Go on an exciting adventure with creepy crawlies such as Rhinocerous beetle, Stag beetle, stick insects and leaf insects! Check out the hissing cockroaches and hedgehog as well as countless live butterflies. Then race up the Treehouse in the Ecogarden and dive deep into the Rubber Plantation.

Click here to find out more about our Fairy Wings and Forest Fun Birthday Packages!


Click on the photos for a bigger version.


Word Scramble

Unscramble the words in this online game as quickly as you can! 




Click on the image for instructions to make a butterfly origami.

Share your butterfly origami on Instagram and tag us at #ButterfliesUpClose




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