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Breast Cancer Exhibition - Temporary Exhibition



This is a past exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

8th October 2010 to 8th October 2011



Hall B


Typical time required:

15 - 30 minutes


Breast cancer is the top cancer affecting women, accounting for about 30% of female cancers. In Singapore, breast cancer occurrence has been steadily increasing by 25% every year. It is a serious disease but many people do not have a real understanding of its the specific causes.

The Breast Cancer exhibition seeks to increase cancer awareness and highlight the importance of early detection by explaining the science of cancer, with breast cancer as the central focus. Interactive exhibits encourage all visitors to explore how cancer develops, learn about advances in cancer treatment, and find out how to take precautions against cancer. Listening to stories from cancer survivors may well inspire some to change their lifestyle!  

The ‘Breast Cancer’ exhibition is a temporary installation that will last one year. Highlights of the exhibition include:


Learn more about the history of breast cancer and the evolution of its treatment methods since the first documentation of this ancient disease in 16th century BCE. What has art got to do with breast cancer?


Did you know that cancer originates from our own cells misbehaving? Find out how breast cancer develops, and why our immune system cannot defend our body from cancer.


Try your hand at being a pathologist (i.e. a doctor that diagnoses disease) and view sections of breast tissue under a microscope. Can you spot the cancerous cells? Watch a video of a breast biopsy and examine preserved breast tumours.


Wicked-looking knives? A gas mask? A blurry photo and some glass slides? Find out how these are related to modern treatment options for breast cancer.