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This is a past exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:

16 June 2012 to 14 August 2012



Typical time required:

60 minutes 

Separate admission charges apply.



Biorhythm Exhibition is an engaging visitor experience that explores the relationship between music (rhythms) and the body.  It merges science and arts through a series of highly interactive exhibits.

Inspired by music and how it permeates every culture on the planet, the exhibition will allow visitors to experience, feel and learn how music moves the body and why it is the central part of the human experience. 

Biorhythm showcases an eclectic assortment of sound and music  installations that touches on four thematic areas.  Although they do not divide the exhibition space, these themes resonate throughout the exhibition:

Sonic Furniture

Everyday objects re-imagined as sound installations.  Speakers, oscillators and transducers amplified through the body.

Body Music

An eclectic group of installations that provoke and engage the imagination, creating a level of visitor interaction throughout the exhibition space.

Research Experiment

‘Emotion in Motion’ is real science.  A Lab-In-The-Gallery – an ongoing sound experiment specially developed for the exhibition.  All participants’ results feed directly back into the Sonic Arts Research Center project at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Creating Music

Engaging the visitor through highly interactive sound projects.  Creating sound and music though art/technology interfaces.


Admission Charges:

Flat Rate for Adult and Child
Biorhythm (inclusive of gallery guide) $8.00
Biorhythm + Science Centre (inclusive of gallery guide) $11.00

For more information on the exhibition, please visit their website at