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Above And Beyond:
The Ultimate Interactive Flight Exhibition

Closing on 8 April 2018!  



Exhibition Dates:

16 Dec 2017 - 8 Apr 2018



Hall C, Science Centre Singapore


Typical time required:

40 minutes

Find out what it takes to make your innovative dreams take flight! Visit this interactive exhibition to learn more about flight and aerospace.

Race your friends at the speed of sound, soar to orbit for a spectacular 360-degree view of the earth and climb aboard a fascinating journey to Mars.

Above and Beyond takes you faster, farther and higher for a once in a lifetime experience. From flying cars and supersonic planes to space elevators and mega-rockets.  Back To Top



Full Throttle

Design your fighter jets and race them in high-speed competition!




Shock Waves  

Learn about wind tunnel science in a fascinating virtual technology experience.


Experience first-hand the varied applications for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


Marathon to Mars

Take on physical and mental challenges on your flight to Mars via augmented reality.

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