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SSEF Award Winners 2015

SSEF 2015 Gold Award

Project ID
Project Title
BI012 Low Concentration Acidic Electrolysed Water Combined With Mild Heat Treatment For Sanitising Fresh Organic Broccoli
CH007 Multifunctional Phosphorescent Conjugated Nanoparticles for Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Imaging Applications
CH008 Utilising metal-free click chemistry for development of peptide-based biomaterials
CS012 Development of haze removal algorithm for image
CS048 Prediction of NBA Stars from NCAA Prospects using Machine Learning Techniques
EE014 Investigation of Lift Force Generation of Insect-Inspired Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
EE052 Wearable LED Illumination for Skin Treatment
EN042 Colourful Few-layer Black Phosphorus Microstructures Fabricated via Focused Laser Beam
EN061 Green Synthesis of Luminescent Noble Metal Nanoclusters for Biological Applications
EV004 Synthesis of Electrospun Nanosilver-Functionalized Nylon 6 Nanofibres for Membrane Water Purification
EV031 Cost-effective water purifying technology employing plant parts as purifying agents
MA044 Investigating the use of matrices to obtain solutions to variations of the game of “Lights Out”
MA051 Equity Portfolios: Essentials of a winning portfolio
MI022 Optimisation of amine-based antimicrobial cationic polymers: a structure-property investigation
MI032 Detection of microbial pathogens in swimming pool backwash
PH006 Hologram
PH007 Bubble Crystal
PH010 Study of the motion of loaded hoops
PH011 Physical analysis of the rotating saddle trap — the mechanical analogue of the quadrupole ion trap

*Results are in alphabetical order

Abstracts of the Gold Awards projects for SSEF 2015 can be found here.


SSEF 2015 Silver Award

Project ID
Project Title
BI015 An Investigation of dipyridine-1,3,4-triazol-4-amine and its Copper (II) Complex as Anticancer Drugs
CB010 Localization of Giantin mRNA and Protein on Spindle Fibers
CH004 Alpha-Particle Induced Helium Wetting of Stepped Copper-Niobium Interfaces
CH012 Binding of glycans to SiO2 using amine anchors
CS036 A data-driven approach for Automatic Question Generation from Texts
CS037 Tone Recognition in Whispered Mandarin
CS055 The effects of allophones on singing technique and their implications towards spectral modelling on the human singing voice
EE039 Wireless Sensory-Feedback Headband for Personalized Relaxation Management
EE057 Evaluation of the Pining Effect at the Metal/Organic and Organic/Organic Interface and its effect on the Power Conversion Efficiency on Organic Solar Cell
EN007 Synthesis and Characterisation of Polyurea Varying Hard-Soft Segment Ratio for High Strain-Rate Application
EN013 Electrochemical Properties of MnO2 for Li-ion Batteries
EN033 Fluid Mechanics of the Carotid Siphon Artery with regards to the Moyamoya disease
EN051 MoS2-CNT Hybrid
EN062 Blood Flow Index portraying Cold-induced Vasodilation via Diffuse Speckle Contrast Analysis in Raynaud’s Disease
EV009 Sustainability in Potable Water Production through Photocatalytic Decontamination of Ground Water
MA001 Parrondo’s Paradox and Its Relevance in Describing the Phenomenon of Stochastic Resonance
MA016 Life-cycle of cryptocurrencies
MA027 Generalisation of bishop polynomial derived from conventional rook polynomial
MA035 Skewness and Crossing Number of Graphs
ME003   Sleep Quality Monitoring and Assessment using Multimodal Sensors
ME030 The role of IAK1 in causing chemoresistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
ME043 Investigation of Androgen-Dependent Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Regulating Protein (ADTRP) and its role in the regulation of haemostatic factors, in relation to Coronary Artery Disease
ME045 Identifying potential antiviral compounds against CHIKV
PH009 Study of the key physical aspects and synchronization applications of the Chua’s circuit
PH013 Study of a Potential Magnetic Braking System

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF 2015 Bronze Award

Project ID
Project Title
BI022 Development of Edible Antimicrobial Coating based on Fish Gelatin to extend the Shelf Life of Fish Fillet
BI023 Structural basis for the allosteric inhibition of human kidney-type glutaminase (KGA) to arrest cancer cell metabolism
CB002 The identification of factors that maintain haploid embryonic stem (haES) cell state.
CB003 Effects of Titanium dioxide Nanoparticles on Differentiated H9c2 Rat Cardiomyocytes
CB007 Efficient cardiac differentiation of patient-specific  induced pluripotent stem cells under defined culture conditions
CB026 Study of Cytokine release from Macrophages and Myeloid Dendritic Cells in response to Lipopolysaccharide stimulation
CB040 Systematic Analysis of mRNA and miRNA expression data from MSC data sets in literature
CB049 Mass cytometry analysis of immune cells heterogeneity
CH016 Effect of Preparation Methods on Properties of Nickel Oxide as an Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
CH066 Click Reactions and Application in New Molecular Materials
CS004 A simulation study of hydrophobin assembly in water and its implications for film formation at the air-water interface
CS007 ADynamic Analysis on Andriod therough Java API Method Hooking
CS008 A Monospace Approximation to the Dual-Space Method for Analogy Questions
CS026 Predicting Basketball Team Performance Using Historical Data
EE012 Cost Effective Design for 3D Printed Shockproof Mobile Phone Case
EE015 Numerical Study of Indirect Evaporative Cooler
EM007 The Use of Durian Waste in Multi-purpose Filter for Water Purification
EN003 Investigation and fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces
EN005 Hand-In-Hand: Dual Robotic Hand Passive Movement with Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
EN034 Development of a Novel Interface Layer for the Toughness Enhancement of Ceramic Composites
EN045 Synthesis of Lignin-HEMA Copolymer for Contact Lens Applications
EN070 Investigating the luminescent mechanochromic properties of elastomers
EV015 The effects of various external factors on the efficacy and effectiveness of SODIS water treatment. Alternative water treatments are also studied.
EV027 Development of an Internet Cloud-Linked Air Quality Monitoring System
MA043 Partitions Galore
MA067 Tactics to 3D Minesweeper
ME002 Identifying Mutations in Dystrophinopathic Patients that are Applicable as Novel Targets for Antisense-Mediated Exon Skipping Therapy
ME005 Paracetamol can affect the timing of embryo development
ME008 Overexpression of RASAL2 Drives the Invasion and Metastasis of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
ME032 RFWD3 is upregulated in Breast Cancer and associates with Breast Cancer Cell survival
ME051 Detection of resting state connectivity using functional magnetic resonance imaging
PH033 Bubble bahaviour,light intensity, spectrum of light of single bubble sonoluminescence in glycerin
PH051 Molten salt synthesis of Mg, Cu doped Fe2O3 as suitable anode materials for Li-ion batteries

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF 2015 Merit Award

Project ID
Project Title
AS003 Role of septal GABAergic mechanisms in modulating indices of nociceptive processing in the formalin model of persistent pain
AS012 The Colour of Song: Sound Symbolism in Singapore’s Languages
BI011 Discovering Anticancer Drugs
BI019 Elucidation of the role of FAT10 in carcinogenesis
CB012 Expression of Trophic Factors and Cytokines in Activated Microglia
CH020 Towards the Synthesis of Ruthenium(II) Structural Analogues of the [Fe]-Hydrogenase​
CH044 Vacuum Impregnation On Physicochemical And Nanostructure Of Fresh Strawberries
CH057 Investigation of Different Conjugate Systems for Organic Solar Cells
CH060 Electrochemical Studies of ‘Exfoliated Graphene Oxide-MoO2’ Composite Synthesized by Novel Graphenothermal Reduction
CS018 Agent-Based Simulations of Localised Attractions in Shopping Malls
CS029 Wearable Air Quality Sensors Integration with iOS devices
CS035 Use of wireless motion technology for military training
CS054 Evaluation of Machine Learning-based Modelling Techniques for Multivariate Systems
CS063 Accurate Retrieval Of Song Titles By Automatic Speech
EE010 Vibration analysis for multiple fault diagnosis in induction motors
EE028 Decoding Arm and Wrist Movements using a Piezoresistive Sensor Array and Artificial Neural Networks
EE035 Design and Analysing Micro-combustors for Greater Efficiency
EN006 Relation Between Molecular Structure and Molecular Interaction Studied during Crystallisation
EN027 Fabrication of a hierarchical porous scaffold for tissue engineering
EN039 Effects of molten salt method of preparation on the electrochemical properties of SnO2
EN063 Molten salt method of preparation and optimization of Anatase and Rutile TiO2 phases
EN079 Investigation of the effect of solvents with varying pH on spider silk mechanical properties
ET010 Development of Copper Oxide Graphene Composite and Low Cost Transparent Electrode for Solar Energy Harvesting
EV024 Detection and Separation of Bacteria in Water using Microfluidics Chip
MA018 Equity Portfolios: Factor Modeling and Efficiency
ME009 Investigating microbial antagonism and removal of cholesterol by probiotics
ME017 Adding simvastatin to conventional chemotherapy to improve cell kill in breast cancer cells
ME040 Spinal muscular atrophy: Identifying rare mutations in patients and detecting gene copy number carriers through a novel droplet digital PCR approach
ME048 LGMD2I patient misdiagnosed with DMD: FKRP gene screening should be considered in diagnosis of patients with Duchenne/Becker-like phenotypes
MI003 Biotransformation of okara by microorganisms for the production of valuable carotenoids by Rhodosporidium Toruloides
MI007 Polymicrobial Biofilm Dynamics during Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections
MI023 Development of a Multiplex TaqMan Real-time RT-PCR Assay to differentiate all known Ebolavirus Strains
MI029 Environmental Impact studies of Kranji Mangroves
PH025 Coanda Saucer: Alternative Flight Dynamics
PH044 Colorimetric Studies of Molecular Interaction
PS014 Exploiting The Photo-Protection Capabilities Of Anthocyanin For Human Use

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF Special Award

Project ID
Project Title
CS007 Dynamic Analysis on Andriod through Java API Method Hooking
CH057 Investigation of Different Conjugate Systems for Organic Solar Cells

Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate

Project ID
Project Title
CH062 Red Cabbage Juice as pH Indicator

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