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SSEF Award Winners 2014

SSEF 2014 Gold Award

Project ID
Project Title
BC010 Identification of secretory proteins in breast cancer using mass spectrometry-based proteomics
CH042 Ni1-xZnxFe2O4 spinel oxides as high performance anode materials for Li-ion batteries
CM036 Screening for genetic polymorphisms in human GRIN2B gene and correlating to patients diagnosed with bipolar disorders
EB023 Characterization and Engineering of Sucker Ring Teeth Polymer Proteins
EB068 Synthesis and characterization of Nano-ZnCo2O4 as a high capacity anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
EB072 Synthesis and analysis of ionic liquid
EB094 Synthesis of polymer-chitosan to remove heavy metal ions from water
EE041 Give a Hand: Designing and Developing a Neuroprosthetic Hand
EE048 Solid State Fan
EE053 Development of a Fast, Temperature-controlled UV Reactor
ET008 Nature Derived Nanostructured Carbon Materials for Energy Storage
ET014 Design and analysis of thin-film thermoelectric devices for use in waste heat recovery
MB007 Improved multiplexed automated genome engineering through directed evolution
MH033 Epstein-Barr virus BART microRNAs target Dicer and Ago2 to cause inhibition of NK microRNA function in NK/T-cell lymphoma
MS004 Algorithmic solution to Happy Ending Problem via Graph-to-matrix transformation with its implication on intersection minimization
MS014 A Hypothesis on How the Ancient Egyptians Move the Limeston Blocks Used to Build The Great Pyramid of Giza
MS016 Optimal Strategy for Completing Game of Snake
VM011 Synthesis of Biodiesel from Soybean Waste
VS009 Exploitation of biowaste for water treatment

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF 2014 Silver Award

Project ID
Project Title
CH001 Designed Assembly of MOFs through Molecular Sewing of Pre-formed 2D Layers
CH019 Removal of Lead and Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions Using Used Papers
CM048 The Role of AMP-activated Protein Kinase in the DNA Damage Response
EB015 Graphene Based Aerogel for Metal-Air Batteries
EB024 The redox chemistry of iron haemoglobin using micro magnetic resonance relaxometry
EB031 Laser induced actuation in shape memory alloy
EB040 Effect of Impact Angle on the Energy Absorption of Aluminum Honeycomb
EE045 Binaural Navigation
ET004 The Importance of Interface Engineering in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
MB010 Modulation of Quorum Sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
MB020 Engineering Phage Sensitivity in Bacteria through Receptor Cloning
MH004 Development of Biomimetic Skins
MH017 Novel approach to screening mutations causing retinoblastoma, a childhood cancer of the retina
MH044 How the Tumour Suppressor Fumarase aids in the Repair of Damaged DNA
MS025 Mathematical modeling, simulation and computational predictions of the natural killers and tumor cells interaction
MS026 Skewness of some generalized Petersen Graphs
MS055 Investigation of Fermat point on a sphere with its application on solving optimal location problem
PA014 An investigation into the interaction and resulting shapes of a thin liquid jet impacting a soap film, and either penetrating through it or merging with it

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF 2014 Bronze Award

Project ID
Project Title
BC006 Evolution of the Arp2/3 complex involved in regulation of the actin cytoskeleton
CM021 Three Dimensional Visualization of Cerebellar Compartments via Brain Clearing Techniques
CM027 Characterising c-Met Antibodies For Cancer Therapy
CM034 Synthesis of biocellulose using acetobacter xylinum and recycled sugar substrates
CS015 iB.E.S.T.: Intelligent Balance Evaluation and Stability Training using Smartphones
CS023 Practical Application and Construction of Fountain Codes for Military Scenarios
CS025 Visualization and Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
CS032 Analysis of land cover changes over time with XSAT imagery in GNU Octave
EB017 Bifunctional perovskite catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions and their application in metal-air batteries
EB020 MoS2-CNTs Hybrid as Photo Detector
EB026 Motion analysis of lower extremity during ascending and descending in high heel slippers
EB034 Materials for Spray-on Energy
EB041 Hybrid Cu(II) Materials for Catalytic Applications
EB052 Development of Ceramic Microspheres by Sol-gel Process
EE015 Conceptualization and Implementation of a Generic Pseudo-Random Number Generator for FPGA with Applications in Cryptography
MB006 Investigating the suitability of modified nanofibers as antimicrobial and biodegradable surgical sutures
MH007 Structural determinants of activity of a compound against multiple cancer cell lines
MH034 Thyroid Hormone regulated Autophagy in Skeletal Muscle in Mus Musculus
MH042 Effect of UV rays on properties of human hair (tensile strength and physical external surface of hair)
MS020 Tromino Tiling
MS038 Iterations of Duals of Polygons
MS059 Encryption using the roots of polynomials
PA009 Physics of Badminton
PA015 Investigation on the dynamics and apparent interactions of massive balls rolling on a stretched horizontal membrane as a model to illustrate gravitation
PA020 On the rebound, subsequent motion and fluid dynamics of a small fluid-filled sphere undergoing a vertical impact
PA023 A Statistical Analysis of Galactic Dark Matter Distributions Through Rotation Curves
PA028 Sorting of C.elegans with microfluidic chip with integrated optics
PA035 Colorimetric Study of Molecular Interactions
PS015 Inhibitory potential of flavonoids from Carica papaya seeds, on the growth rate and mitotic index of Allium Cepa and Carica papaya roots
VM004 Zooxanthellae in Singapore's Corals
VM005 Impact of alginate-encapsulated quorum quenchers on membrane biofouling

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF 2014 Merit Award

Project ID
Project Title
BC003 Model Membrane Interaction and DNA-Binding Studies of Antimicrobial Peptides
BC007 Discovery of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Human Vaccinia-Related Kinase 1 (VRK1)
BC009 Creation of Novel Microsphere and Nanoemulsion Delivery Method for Finasteride
BC018 Eumelanin and Pheomelanin and their Comparative Effectiveness in Melanoma Prevention
CH003 Investigation of polyelectrolyte binding using precision ellipsometry
CH023 Investigation of the use of molecular dynamics to improve small ligands binding pose prediction
CH057 Detection of Unintended Amino Acid Sequence Changes in Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies Due To Methotrexate Selection Using Mass Spectrometry Peptide Mapping Method
CH059 Investigation of Protein Binding using Precision Ellipsometry
CH066 The use of human hair as a bio-sorbent for aqua cations using copper (II) ions as a model
CM003 OLIVER: Identification of Suitable Reference Genes from Transcriptome Datasets
CM022 To investigate the effect of Rehmannia Six Formula on the gene expression of aquaporin-2 in Drosophila Melanogaster S2 cells
CM023 Regulation of FNDC5/Irisin by Myostatin 
CM025 Predicting the effect of gene mutations in children with genetic disorders
CM030 Human Hereditable Predisposition to Psuedo Exfoliation Syndrome
CS001 Investigating voice activity detection algorithms in whispered speech
CS009 Identification of Breast Cancer Biomarkers and Their Networks Based on Genome-Wide Data Analysis
CS031 Found in Translation
CS047 Study into VoIP Applications
EB003 Investigation on Metal and Metal Oxides Thin Film as Potential Low Emission Glass Coating for Window Application
EB011 Preparation and Electrochemical Studies on VSbI4
EB013 Biomimetic membrane on water purification
EB032 Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy Storage
EB055 Electrochemical Lateral Flow Biosensor For Detection Of Pathogens And Toxins In Water 
EB066 Investigating the Efficacy of Minimalist running shoes in improving gait coordination
EE007 Earthquake Engineering: Investigating the impact of the length of a pendulum tuned mass damper on its damping effect on a building
EE037 Study on Metal Penetration in Silicon and its Effects on the Schottky Diode Properties
EE050 Colorimetry for Purpose of Disease Detection
MH001 Differential diagnosis of overlapping childhood human dystrophinopathies and related disorders: The development of a novel targeted, panel for mutation screening through a tiered approach
MH008 PID1 induces insulin resistance by increasing Fetuin-1 secretion
MS063 Integer Factorisation
PA027 Super capacitor application of MnO2 nanotubes/Graphene oxide mixture
PA036 S-DNA is a binding substrate for B-DNA ligands
VS001 Exploring vermicompost applications for waste management
VS026 2-in-1 recyclable use of spent Bentonite to treat volatile organic compounds in industrial wastewater

*Results are in alphabetical order

SSEF Special Award

Project ID
Project Title
CH001 Designed Assembly of MOFs through Molecular Sewing of Pre-formed 2D Layers
CH019 Removal of Lead and Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions Using Used Papers
MH004 Development of Biomimetic Skins
EE007 Earthquake Engineering: Investigating the impact of the length of a pendulum tuned mass damper on its damping effect on a building  

Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate

Project ID
Project Title
EB013 Biomimetic membrane on water purification

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