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NASA Commander Williams Talk

Space Talk **Fully subscribed!

To learn about life in space, join NASA Commander Jeff Williams, an experienced astronaut who has spent 534 days on board the ISS and executed 5 spacewalks, here at Science Centre on this day.  

Date: 5 Aug 2017
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: Maxwell Auditorium, Science Centre Singapore 
Admission: **Fully subscribed!

How do astronauts spend their days in outer space, living on board the International Space Station (ISS)? What is it like to do a spacewalk, flying nearly 28,000 km/hr while floating 400 km above Planet Earth?

Commander Williams will also highlight some of the important research being conducted on board ISS. 

As the commercial space industry (“NewSpace”) works hand-in-hand with national programmes to offer increased access to space for all citizens of Planet Earth, we need to understand how biological and physical systems respond in an environment that is well beyond the tug of Earth’s gravity.

Space technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, with global options in space-related careers expected to grow substantially.  Hear first-hand about today’s experiences in Outer Space, with an eye towards tomorrow’s opportunities.

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