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Singapore International Science Camp


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Singapore International Science Camp
18 Dec – 22 Dec 2017 (Mon - Fri)
Grade 9 - 12 (15-17yrs)
Science Centre Singapore, and other locations
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Singapore International Science Camp’ (SISC), an Advance Science program conducted in Singapore for high school students. SISC is specially designed for the students to showcase the developments in science and build insight into technologies and scientific developments that will transform our future.
In the program, the students will be involved in hands-on workshops like:

  • Performing Genetic Modification of DNA (Genetic Engineering)
  • Learning 3D Modelling Software and 3D Printing Techniques
  • Analysing Chemistry of Coffee
  • Experiencing Augmented Reality Technology by Microsoft
  • Attending Lectures by Professors and Scientists

Through the ‘Inter-disciplinary’ approach to problem solving in Science, participants will gain understanding to potential areas of academic specialisations, research topics which would further enhance their educational experience.

So, watch the Science come alive in the form of Workshops, demonstrations, and Lectures & Hands-on activities to bring out the Scientist within every student. The SISC program provides the students with the right motivation and inspiration to explore sciences. The program also offers networking opportunities to engage with University Professors, Researchers and Industry Experts to help students make an informed decision regarding their undergraduate prospects.

Embark on this Experiential Learning Journey to explore the Mystical World of Science!

Registration Details:

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