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Shows & Demonstrations

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Tesla Coil Demonstration

Be amazed by our Tesla Coil demonstration, a highly dramatic and electrifying live demonstration of high voltage electricity.  See this 3.5 million volt coil in action, generating electrical arcs of up to three metres.

Venue:  The Atrium

Time:  12 pm (Daily)
              5 pm (Weekends, School
              and Public Holidays) 

Duration:  10 minutes


Fire Tornado Demonstration

Come face to face with one of the most terrifying and spectacular phenomena in nature. We recreate this fiery display in a specially built enclosure, right here in the Science Centre!

Venue:  Courtyard

Time:  3 pm (Tuesday to Sunday, Public and School Holidays)

Duration:  15 minutes

Body Fun-tas-tic Science Show

*New Show from 21 Jan 2017*

Have you stopped to think how extra-ordinary you are? Come find out at our science show!

Venue:  Maxwell Auditorium (Hall B)

Time:  4 pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)

Duration:  20 minutes


Ever wondered what it would be like to hold a giant hissing cockroach in your hand? Here is your chance to find out, if your dare! From insects that swim to insects that fly, come join us and interact with our other six-legged friends while learning about their life cycle and their contribution to our needs.

Venue:  Mendel Auditorium

Time:  2 pm (Sunday and public holidays)

Duration:  20 minutes


Night Sky Ramblings

Join us at the Observatory for a night of stargazing. Try to spot the Moon, planets and other stars in our galaxy. Come discover the planets that cross our sky.

Click here to find out more!

Venue:  The Observatory, Omni-Theatre building

Time:  7.50pm - 10.00pm (Friday, excluding Public Holidays, weather permitting)



"Seeing Heat!" Show

Observe hot stuff through the eyes of a thermal camera in the Defending Science Room. 

Venue: Defending Science Room (Hall A, Level 2) @ Defending Science Exhibition

Time: 11am (Tuesday to Sunday including Public Holidays); 4pm (Tuesday to Friday)

Duration: 15 minutes

Science on a Sphere®

Discover more about our Earth through this explanatory session.

Venue: Hall B, Earth, Our Untamed Planet Exhibition

Time: 3.30pm (Tuesday to Friday excluding Public Holidays & Eve of Public Holidays)

Duration: 15 minutes

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