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Science in the Café

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Science in Your Feedback

We seek your advice.

We hope that you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our Cafés.
Your observations will help us do it better the next time.

Please send your feedback through your regular (private) e-mail - for security reasons.

Thank you for your interest and input.

The Feedback We Seek

Please tell us what you think on the particular issues listed below.

  • Which Café did you last attend or want to comment on?
    • What do you think of that Café’s topic and contents, and the discussions?
    • Any suggestions for future Cafés (topics) and/or presenters?
  • What do you think of the Café’s ambience?
    • Suggestions for improvement?
  • What do you think of the audio-visual facilities?
    • Suggestions for improvement?
  • Are our F&B selections suitable? What do you prefer?
    • Suggestions for improvement?
    • Please do appreciate that the F&B are provided mostly free-of-charge. The Science Centre and its sponsors will endeavour to continue with this provision but it may not always be so.
      As such, ...
      Would you attend our Café with minimal or no F&B?
  • Any other thoughts, observations, ... ?
    • Are there too many Cafés? Are they too frequent? What is your preferred frequency?
    • If Cafés are "themed" on a monthly basis, would you be interested in such arrangements?
    • Are our Cafés too crowded? What do you think is the "right" number of attendees in a Café?
    • Sometimes, (admission/other) fees are applicable. Are the charges reasonable?
    • Are there other facilities/amenities that you wish our Cafés to have?
    • Any other remarks? ...
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