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Science Ahoy!


 Young Scientist Presents...



11 - 18 July 2014

Embark on a science voyage this July! 


As part of Singapore Science Festival 2014, we are proud to present to you for the first time, Science Ahoy! Get ready for a splendid good time with a series of experiments in the various subjects of Science to prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime. You will need to use Physics to build your transport, Chemistry to aid you in your survival, Mathematics to protect yourself and loads more! Come forth to experience what it is like to be a scientist!

Time to set sail: 9.30am to 6pm

Voyage time span: 1.5 hr

Cost: $5 per sailor (includes a Survival Pack), accompanying adults may join for FREE!

Shipyard’s capacity: 160

Who should sail: All primary school students, families and friends

Registration is required for school groups. Please click here to download the booking form.

Before we set sail, there are a few things that we need to prepare.

Checklist for the voyage:

  1. Build a ship to set sail
  2. Prepare food ration (note limited capacity on board
  3. Invent a code to safeguard important documents

1. Avast Ye, Captains!
Do you know why a boat floats? How do the shape and the material affect the ability to float? How do you propel a boat using simple materials? Come and explore the science of boat in this station! 

2. Gooey Marmalade
Do you know how to make marmalade? What if you do not have the ingredients? What else can you use to make gooey substance for marmalade substitute? In this activity, you will learn to make gooey marmalade, one that you can play with and is actually edible!

3. What Say Ye, Sailors?
How do you find approximate perimeter and approximate area of a leaf? Can you creatively use the resulting numbers to encrypt a message? Show how your idea works using simple materials!

The Earth In Your Hands

Why does the solid ground appear to move right under our feet? Join the captain and his crew as they discover what lies underground, and make your very own model of the Earth!


Click here for more information regarding the Singapore Science Festival 2014.

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