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Intel ISEF 2009

Reno, Nevada, United States
10-15 May 2009

ISEF, the world's largest pre-college science fair, is held in the United States annually and provides an opportunity for students from different parts of the world to showcase their science projects. The 1,500 finalists are chosen from more than 500 regional ISEF-affiliated science fairs from over 40 countries.

Our ISEF 2009 Representatives are:

Individual :

  • Ms Roderica Ng Rui Ge (National Junior College) "Membrane Development for Application in Bioartificial Organs"
  • Mr Nicholas Chen Fang Yew (NUS High School) "Berry's Phase for the Imaging of Micromagnetics System"

Team :

  • Mr Koh Zhe Wei, Mr Joseph Ang Qianbo and Mr Ong Kai Zhi (Hwa Chong Institute) "Antibacterial Activity of Lucilia cuprina Maggots"

Singapore's Withdrawal from ISEF 2009 Due to Flu Pandemic Alert

In view of the recent Influenza A pandemic alert, it was debated and finally decided that our representatives would not take part in ISEF 2009. MOE had issued advisories to schools to ask all to observe all travel advisories issued by MOH and to review all travel plans particularly to affected countries (i.e. the United States and the state of Nova Scotia in Canada as of 2 May). We look forward to Singapore's participation in ISEF 2010.

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