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Intel ISEF 2008

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
11-16 May 2008

ISEF, the world's largest pre-college science fair, is held in the United States annually and provides an opportunity for students from different parts of the world to showcase their science projects. The 1,500 finalists are chosen from more than 500 regional ISEF-affiliated science fairs from over 40 countries.

  • Zhao Ye and Zhai Weichao from NUS High of Mathematics and Science

    The team won the First Award of $3,000 in the Team Project Category and Third Award of $300 (Special Award from Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society) with their project "Nanofabrication with Focused Sunlight".

    Each member of the winning teams will receive a certificate of recognition and a one-year subscription to "American Scientist". The school library of each winning team member will also receive a one-year subscription to "American Scientist".

  • Jianyang David Yin from Raffles Junior College

    He had obtained Third Award of $1,000 in the category of Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering with his project "Hard-Templating Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous and Electrically Conductive Carbon Nanofibers".

  • Lim Yi Hui from National Junior College

    She has won the Fourth award of $500 (Grand Award) in the category of Chemistry with her project "Iron Catalyst of Polymeric Schiff Bases for Ethylene Polymerization".

ISEF 08 Winners
Congratulations to the Singapore representatives!

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