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Intel ISEF 2005

Phoenix, Arizona
8-14 May 05

More than 1,400 students from over 40 countries competed for scholarships and prizes worth US$3 million at the 56th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Congratulations to the Singapore representatives!

Two of the Singaporean projects were recognised with an award:

CATEGORY: CHEMISTRY - Presented by Intel Foundation

Second Award of US$1,500

  • Isolation, Characterization of Beta-Chitin from Squid Pens and Calcium Carbonate Crystallization on the Chitin Scaffold
    YouJia Zhong, 17, Raffles Junior College, Singapore

CATEGORY: ENGINEERING - Presented by Intel Foundation

Third Award of US$1,000

  • Design and Characterization of a Littrow Configuration External Cavity Diode Laser
    Wenxian Hong, 17, Raffles Junior College, Singapore

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