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A*STAR Talent Search 2016 Winners

The A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) and Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2016 Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, 5 May 2016 at the Matrix Auditorium, Biopolis.

During the ceremony, a total of 187 students received award(s) from the Guest-of-Honour, Prof Johann Deisenhofer, Chief Judge of ATS 2016 Awards Committee and Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1988, in the presence of their mentors, principals, teachers and parents. We would like to commend the students for their time and effort in their scientific work.

 Watch the event highlights:


First Prize Winner
Name Victoria Emily Hui Ting Buckland
School National Junior College
Project Phase Selective Organogelators for Oil Spill Cleanup
Mentor Dr Ren Changliang (A*STAR, IBN)

Second Prize Winner
Name Koh Jin Ming
School NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Project Physical Analysis of the Liquid Film Motor
Mentor Dr Yeo Ye (National University of Singapore)

Third Prize Winner
Name Huang Feiyang
School NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Project Binding Studies of Modified PNAs to Mismatched RNAs
Mentor A/P Chen Gang (Nanyang Technological University)

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*In no order of ranking
Commendation Prizes
Name Bruce Wen Ke Zhen
School Raffles Institution
Project Tin Based Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
Mentor Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy (National University of Singapore)

Name Li Jiaqi
School Raffles Institution
Project Investigating the mutants of chikungunya virus in IFNAR-/- mouse fibroblasts
Mentor Dr Lisa Ng (A*STAR, SIgN)

Name Sim Yu Ki
School National Junior College
Project Development of Electrochemically-active Nanoparticles for use in an Electrochemical Lateral Flow Biosensor (ELFB) for Dengue Diagnosis
Mentor Dr Paul Free Francis (A*STAR, IMRE)

Name Tan Yan Quan
School Raffles Institution
Project Modelling of Perturbations for Precise Orbit Determination
Mentor Dr Lou Kok Yong (Nanyang Technological University)

Name Wang Yuhang
School National Junior College
Project Exploring the Application of Nickel Hydroxide Thin Film in Wastewater Treatment
Mentor Dr Ren Yi (A*STAR, IMRE)

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Schools are awarded points according to the placement of their winning students.

First Prize: National Junior College
Second Prize: NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Third Prize: Raffles Institution

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