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A*STAR Talent Search (A*TS) 2009

The A*STAR Talent Search (A*TS), sponsored by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and organised with the support of the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), recognises students who have excelled in scientific research.

A*TS Applicant Requirements

  • Singaporean/ PR
  • Aged between 15-21yrs (as of 31st Dec 2008)
  • In a secondary school or pre-university
  • Interested in a long-term career as a researcher
  • Only inPidual category. No team category.
  • InPidual applications can be submitted for team projects
  • All A*TS participants are required to take part in SSEF. For more information on SSEF, please visit

All applicants are required to register online between Nov 2008 to 01 Dec 2008 and are required to submit the following documents by 16 January 2009

  • 4 hard copies of project reports.
  • 1 CD consisting of digital photographs of inPidual applicant(s) and project report.
  • Pre-experimental forms.(Note: Forms 1, 1A and 1B are compulsory for all projects)
  • SSEF entry form and/or A*TS entry form (206Kb)


Science Centre Singapore
A/Prof Lim Tit Meng
Fair Director (SSEF 2009)
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

Activity Schedule

Judging Process

  • All candidates are required to showcase their research projects in the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) for the first round of judging.
  • Short-listed candidates will undergo at least 2 more rounds of interviews by a panel of distinguished judges from various universities and research institutes.

Judging Criteria

Criteria Points
Depth of understanding of project 30
Creative ability / Independent thinking 30
Scientific attitude / Motivation and interests 20
Potential to pursue R&D careers / Vision and goal 20

A*TS Prizes

Student Category

Student Prize Points allocated to winner's school
First Place
  • Cash prize plus a sponsored trip to an overseas conference worth S$5,000 in total
  • Trophy
  • Certificate
Second Place
  • Cash prize of S$3,000
  • Trophy
  • Certificate
Third Place
  • Cash prize of S$2,000
  • Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Cash prize of S$1,000
  • Certificate

School Category

Schools are awarded points according to the placement of their winning students. For example, if the first place winner is from XYZ school, then XYZ school will be awarded 5 points. To allow the schools to promote and improve science learning, prize monies and certificates will be given to the three schools with the most accumulated points.

School Prizes
First Place
  • Cash prize of S$5,000
  • Certificate
Second Place
  • Cash prize of S$3,000
  • Certificate
Third Place
  • Cash prize of S$2,000
  • Certificate

For more information, please contact Ms Rachel at


  1. Projects requiring special approvals (see instructions below) need to be approved before commencement of the research.
  2. Projects without online registration (deadline 1 Dec 08) will not be considered for the fair.
  3. Instructions for submitting an entry can be found here (30Kb).
    Note: For Bibliography, you are required to list at least 5 major references (e.g., science journal articles, books, internet sites) for your project.
  4. Project reports (4 copies) must be submitted by 16 January 2009 to the Singapore Science Centre along with a completed A*TS entry form and the necessary forms.
    • If you are submitting an inPidual project for SSEF and taking part in A*TS, you are required to just submit the A*TS entry form (206KB). There is no need to complete the SSEF entry form, as you will automatically be entered for SSEF [It is mandatory for all A*TS participants to take part in SSEF.
    • If you are submitting a team project for SSEF and inPidually for A*TS, you will need to fill in a SSEF entry form for your team, and a A*TS entry form for yourself.
  5. Here are the forms to be submitted with your project. To download all the forms, please click here (209KB).
Form Description
Checklist for Adult Sponsor/ Safety
Assessment Form (1)
Required for all projects!
Student Checklist Form and Research Plan (1A) Required for all projects!
Approval Form (1B)

Required for all projects!

Regulated Research Institutional/ Industrial Setting Form (1C) Required for projects that are conducted in a regulated research institution (e.g. universities, medical centres, A*Star research institutes, etc), industrial setting or any work site other than home, school or field.
Qualified Scientist Form (2) Required for projects that involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, DEA-controlled substances. To be signed prior the start of experimentation by DS or QS
Risk Assessment Form (3) Required for projects that use hazardous chemicals, activities or devices. To be signed prior to experimentation by the DS or QS
Human Subjects Form (4) Required for all research that involves human subjects. IRB approval is required before experimentation
Vertebrate Animal Form (5A) Form 5(A): Required for all research that involves vertebrate animals conducted in a Non-Regulated Research site. SRC approval is needed before experimentation
Vertebrate Animal Form (5B) Form 5(B): Required for all research that involves vertebrate animals conducted at a Regulated Research Institution. IACUC approval is needed before experimentation
Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form(6A) Required for all research that involves microorganisms, rDNA and fresh/ forzen tissue, blood and body fluids. SRC/IACUC/IBC/RAC approval is needed before experimentation
Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form (6B) Required for all projects using fresh/forzen tissue, primary cell cultures, blood, blood products and body fluids. All projects using any tissue listed above must also complete Form 6A . If the research involves living organisms, please ensure that proper human or animal forms are completed.
Continuation Projects Form (7) Required for projects that are a continuation in the same field from a previous year (s)' project.

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