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A*STAR Talent Search 2007 Winners

The A*STAR Talent Search and Singapore Science & Engineering Fair 2007 Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 at the Matrix Auditorium, Biopolis. During the ceremony, a total of 137 students received award(s) from the Guest of Honour, RADM (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Minister of State, Ministry of Education, in the presence of their mentors, teachers and parents. We would like to commend the students for their time and effort in their scientific work.

For the list of winning projects for the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair, please click here.

This year, 115 secondary and junior college students participated in A*STAR Talent Search. Of these, 8 finalists were selected for the final judging where they faced a panel of distinguished judges, which were led by the Chief Judge, Dr Sydney Brenner, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 2002.

After much consideration, the winners of the A*TS 2007 emerged:

A*TS First Prize Winner

Winner: Hang Hao Chuien
School: Hwa Chong Institution
Project Reflection Within Conics
Mentor: Dr. Roger Poh Kheng Siong, Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

A*TS Second Prize Winner

Winner: Teh Ming Hwang
School: National Junior College
Project Novel Miniaturized, Single-mode, and Zero-birefringence Silicon Ring Resonator
Mentor: Dr. Lim Soon Thor, Institute of High Performance Computing

A*TS Third Prize Winner

Winner: Sim Jingwei
School: Raffles Junior College
Project Glutaraldehyde & Oxo-lactose: Cross-linking Gelatin Microspheres for Hep3B Culture Systems
Mentor: Asst Prof Tong Yen Wah, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore

A*TS Commendation Prize Winner

(In no particular order)

Winner: Jiang Ling Fan
School: Raffles Junior College
Project Helical Mesoporous Silica from Achiral Cationic Surfactant Template
Mentor: Dr. Han Yu, from the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)

Winner: Navin Brian Ramakrishna
School: National Junior College
Project Cdc42 Binding to IRSp53 Induces Filopodia Formation and Causes Localization of IRSp53 to the Leading Edge of Motile Cells
Mentor: Dr Edward Manser, Institute of Molecular and cell Biology (IMCB) 

Winner: Wee Liang En, Ian
School: Hwa Chong Institution
Project: Elucidating the functional diversity of BCH/SEC14 domains
Mentor: Associate Professor Low Boon Chuan, Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

Schools are awarded points according to the placement of their winning students.

First Prize: Hwa Chong Institution
Second Prize: National Junior College
Third Prize: Raffles Junior College

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