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Talk on Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Come to the Science Centre Observatory on 20 March 2015 at 8pm or 9pm for a 20min sharing on the  Solar and Lunar Eclipses! Click here for details!

Latest Updates on Observatory Sessions

Please refer to the Observatory Facebook page for the latest updates on the Friday stargazing sessions.



Science Centre Observatory Blog

Our Science Centre Observatory Blog can be accessed via

Night Sky Ramblings (Free Stargazing Sessions)

Time:      7.50pm - 10.00pm every Friday
Venue:   The Observatory (at the Omni-Theatre building)

The Observatory is closed on the following dates:

Date Occasion
20 February 2015 Chinese New Year
13 March 2015 Staff event
3 April 2015 Good Friday
1 May 2015 Labour Day
17 July 2015 Hari Raya Puasa
7 August 2015 National Day Weekend
25 December 2015 Christmas Day
1 January 2016 New Year

Come discover the constellations that cross our vistas.

Viewing Period
(7.30pm - 11.00pm)
Planets in View*
Jan - Mar 2015 Jupiter, Mars and Venus
Apr 2015 Jupiter and Venus
May - July 2015 Jupiter, Saturn and Venus
Aug - Oct 2015 Saturn
The moon as well as other stars or star clusters may also be visible during the stargazing session.  Back To Top

Astronomy 101 series

In 2015, Science Centre Observatory team continues to bring you a series of astronomy talks. Through this series, we hope to introduce to you the basics of stargazing in Singapore. The talks will be held on the 2nd Friday night of every month. Here’s the list to look forward to:

  • January – Basics of Astronomy: What are we looking at?
  • February – Birth and Death of Stars
  • March – Eclipses
  • April – Gas Giants
  • May – Telescope
  • July – Lord of the Rings
  • August – Space Junk
  • September – Fly me to the Moon
  • October – Constellations & Chinese folklore
  • November – Meteor showers

Time: 8pm & 9pm
Duration of each talk: 20 minutes
Venue: Science Centre Observatory
No fee or registration is required to attend the talks, just join us! Admission to The Observatory is FREE.

*The schedule is subject to changes. Please check our Facebook page for latest updates to avoid disappointment.   

List of Astronomical Events

Click here for the List of Astronomical Events.

Singapore Star MapsBack To Top

Click here for the Singapore Star Maps.


Our Observatory is situated at the following geographical coordinates:
1o 20' 03" N latitude, 103o 44' 14" E longitude, 15.27 m Height (m.s.l)

Our Observatory is one of the few in the world that is located next to the Equator. This unique position opens up more vistas in the sky and allows us to view constellations in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres.

Our Observatory is also endowed with a range of sophisticated facilities as well as a classroom for astronomy lessons, slide shows and public talks to enhance your stargazing experience:

  • The main telescope is a 40-cm Cassegrain reflector of combined focal length 520-cm.
  • The sub-telescope is a 15-cm apochromatic Kepler refractor of focal length 180-cm.
  • The equatorial mount for the telescopes was designed with an accompanying English yoke to provide the necessary stability for the drive and tracking mechanisms.
  • The 5.5-metre stainless steel dome can be made to swivel in any direction and its shutter can be made to slide open to focus the telescope on interesting objects in the sky.

Click here to access the FAQ page on Stargazing.


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