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Science in the Café – Calendar

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2018 Café Calendar

Presenter(s)Title Click for more details. (* : tentative)
24-Apr-2018Dr Lim Yen KhengBlack Holes & a Cup of Tea
2-Mar-2018Prof Rainer Weiss
& Prof Tsvi Piran
The Transient Universe
27-Feb-2018Dr Koh Niak WuA Practitioner’s View on Industry 4.0, IoT & Data Analytics

Café Details

A Practitioner’s View on Industry 4.0, IoT & Data Analytics
Date & Time:27 Feb 2018 @ 7pm
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Presenter:Dr Koh Niak Wu, CEO of Cosmiqo International Pte Ltd
& The Intelligent Warehouse Pte Ltd
Sponsor:Science Centre Singapore
Synopsis:This Café will touch on how the Presenter perceives technological impact, what we need to do to remain relevant, how some of his works have positively impacted an industry and the challenges of doing so.

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A Special Public Lecture on The Transient Universe
Beginning the Exploration of the Universe with Gravitational Waves
The Origin of Gold in the Universe
Date & Time:2 Mar 2018 @ 5pm
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Complimentary entry for all pre-registered attendees (via the Annexe Entrance only).
Presenters:Prof Rainer Weiss, MIT & 2017 Physics Nobel Laureate &
Prof Tsvi Piran, The Hebrew Univsersity of Jerusalem, Israel
Sponsor:The Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU
Synopsis:This Special Public Lecture is held in conjunction with the Conference on The Transient Universe @ NTU from 26 February to 1 March 2018.

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Black Holes & a Cup of Tea
Date & Time:24 Apr 2018 @ 7pm
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Presenter:Dr Lim Yen Kheng, Physics Department, National University of Singapore
Sponsor:Science Centre Singapore
Synopsis:What happens when a cup of tea falls into a black hole? /// Gravity is the force that holds the universe together, and yet much of it remains mysterious to us. Stephen Hawking's illustrious career has contributed great leaps to our understanding, in addition to bridging the gaps to other theories of physics, such as quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. All these bridges and roads seem to lead to one thing: black holes. /// In this Café, we will explore the many facets of black holes, including Hawking's revolutionary idea of how black holes can emit radiation and have 'temperature'. We will also discuss the information paradox, a conundrum that has stumped many physicists in recent years, and see Hawking's most recent attempts to solve it.

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