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Science Buskers Festival 2014

The Science Buskers Festival is an annual event was first held in 2008 and is into its 7th year now!

It is a festival that encompasses the idea of developing the individual's communication skills through expressions of science in creative manners. Organized as a competition, this event serves as an excellent platform to spread key messages relating to the importance of inspiring an interest in science. During the competition, contestants will do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic, and judging will be based on audiences' votes and judges' scores.

a. Anyone aged between 7 to 70
b. Participation can be in the form of individual or team (Not more than 3 person per team)

a. To promote science communications and expressions of science in creative manners.
b. To generate greater vibrancy and interest in the science communication scene locally.
c. To promote the learning of science in a fun and engaging way.
d. To raise the awareness of the public in the general field of science.

The 2014 Science Buskers Festival has now come to a close.

It has been a resounding success, very much thanks to all the participants who put in a “buskerlicious” performance!

Congratulations to all the winners.

Hope to see you buskers at Science Buskers 2015!

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