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Circus! Magic Workshop
Add a Little Magic to Your Life 


Date: 18 Nov 2017
Time: 10am -12pm
Venue: Hall 1, Annexe, Science Centre Singapore


Here is a workshop that will show you how to engage your friends using time-tested magic tricks using everyday objects.You will learn not just the techniques of the tricks but the creative use of each trick under different situations.


 Click on the poster for a bigger version.


By the end of the workshop, you should be able to :
• use magic to entertain others
• inject fun in your interaction with others
• improve your self-confidence
• think creatively
• look at things from different angles


Add a Little Magic to Your Life
Date: 18 Nov 2017
Time: 10am to 12pm
Target Audience: 10 and above (20 pax max per session.)

Format of Workshop:
Each trick will be performed as in a real life situation.
The secret of each trick will be revealed after each performance.
The detail techniques of handling the tricks will be explained in a step-by-step demonstration.
Hands-on practice for participants.

 You will learn to perform the following tricks:
  1.  Levitating Cup
  2.  Vanishing Tissue
  3.  Magic With Calendar
  4.  Magical Dice
  5.  Rope-Through-Neck
  6.  Anti-gravity Paper Clip
  7.  You are a star
  8.  I Know Your Number
  9.  Tying a Knot Magically
10. Spelling Cards

Workshop Fees*: $50 per person
Registration: To register, please contact us at

*Cost includes notes + all materials necessary for the workshop.
 (other props not in the workshop will be on sale)

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