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Brainfest 2018


17 – 18 May, 21 – 25 May (Schools and organised groups only)
19 – 20 May, 26 – 27 May (Public)
10am – 6pm @ Science Centre Singapore

Free (Activities for Brain Fest are free. Science Centre admission fees apply)
Suitable for students from upper primary and above, and general public

Science Centre, in collaboration with BRAND’S ® proudly presents Brain Fest 2018!

Our Activities Include:

Title: Activity Type
Race Against Time Mass Escape Game
DNA in the Ancient World Hands-on Workshop
(Weekday school groups only)
Tuning In: Brain and Body Exhibition Self-guided Gallery Trail
(Weekday school groups only)
Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Drosophila Demonstration (Weekends only)

Registration for Event and Contact for Enquiries

Contact Charissa ( at 6425 2789 or
Nabilah ( at 6425 2441 to clarify any queries.

Click here for the school registration booking form.
Click here for the public registration form.
(Please email booking forms to To Top

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Our Activities Include:

1. Race Against Time (Mass Escape Game)
2. Gallery Trail at Tuning in Brain & Body Exhibition (Self-guided) - Weekday school groups only
3. DNA in the Ancient World (Hands-on Workshop) - Weekday school groups only


1. Race Against Time (Mass Escape Game)

Venue: Annexe Hall 1
Duration: 1.5h (including pre- and post- activity briefing)
Capacity: max 240 students
Suitable for Primary 5 and above, general public

Your lab assistant and you were fiddling with the Professor’s time machine and accidentally activated it, travelling into the past. In your bid to return to the present, the fuel in the time machine is running out. Unlock and activate the time machine’s emergency button. Are you able to find your way back to the present before it is too late?

In this mass escape game, you will be tested on the following soft skills to travel back to the present:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Focus and alertness
  • Pattern recognition
  • Memory
  • Instinct and coordination
  • Inferential skill
  • Problem-solving

Challenge Timings:

Weekday  Weekend
Please refer to Annexe A for package details 11.00 am
12.30 pm
2.00 pm
3.30 pm
5.00 pm

Note: Weekend slots will be opened to the public. However, schools may also book those slots
This is a team-based game, each team can comprised a maximum of 5 members.
Please form a group before registration.

2. Gallery Trail (Self-Guided)

*Only for weekday school groups

Venue: Tuning in: Brain and Body Exhibition
Recommended duration: 30 -50 min (Trail booklet provided)

If we line up all the neurons in our brain, it will stretch to about 1000 km! That is longer than travelling from one end of Singapore to the other. These cells are one of the crucial component in helping us to understand and interact with our surroundings. Yet, while we understand how neurons fire up signals to exchange information, the intricacies of the connections to allow us to process information still baffle scientists.

Join us in our gallery trail that will bring you through the sections of “Tuning in: Brain and Body” exhibition as we learn about the brain and advances in neural research.

1. Your thinking brain
2. Your 21st century brain
3. Your changing brain
4. Your emotional brain
5. Your sensing brain

The self-exploratory nature of this exhibition allows participants to interact and play with the exhibits. Explanations are provided through our complementary panels and our Brain Explora mobile app.

3. DNA in the Ancient World (Hands-on Workshop)

*Only for weekday school groups

Venue: DNA Laboratories
Duration: 45 min
Capacity: 120 students (40 students per lab)
A minimum of 30 students is required to have the workshop only for your school.
Otherwise, there might be a mixed school group in the session.
Suitable for Primary 5 and above. Content will be adjusted depending on the class level.

As an archaeologist, you accidentally stumbled into King Tutankhamen’s tomb. To escape from King Tut’s tomb, he demands you find out his family lineage. Combine history and modern scientific technique to find out whose King Tut’s parents are. Learn about DNA and run scientific experiments to complete King Tut’s family lineage.   Back To Top

Click here for the school registration booking form (for packages with workshops).


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