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Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC)


Come try wearing Science Centre shoes! Design and build a science exhibit that engages, teaches and endures!

The Amazing Science-X Challenge is back for its 2015 edition!

The Challenge:                           To build THE Xhibit with THE X-factor!

Jointly organised by DSO National Laboratories (DSO), Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and the National University of Singapore (NUS), ASXC is part of DSO’s Amazing Series of Competitions with the aim of letting creative sparks make science come alive.

Open to primary school and higher level students, teams are challenged to design and build an innovative Xhibit that best Xplains a physical science phenomenon.

Cohesive teamwork, brainstorming, problem-solving skills will all be acquired by ASXC participants. To help you along your learning journeys, we have especially organised a series of enriching Science-X Workshops (to give you ideas!) and Clinics (to give you the How-To!), conducted by the knowing people from SCS and NUS.

Lots more Xciting news and registration details @

Registration is now open! Go for it!

This year’s competition runs from 15 to 18 September 2015 @ The Annexe, SCS.

And if your fabulously amazing Xhibit amazes us to no end, then on top of possibly winning very attractive prizes, your Xhibit may also win the honour of being displayed in the exhibition halls of Science Centre Singapore.

For enquiries, call 6425-2370 or email us at