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Science Centre's 40th Anniversary!

Science Centre turns 40 on 10 Dec 2017!
And you're invited to the all-year party!
With familiar favourites as well as a slew of new events lined up,
Get set to be engaged in an EPIC way!

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Dino Factory (May-Aug)
History comes alive at the Dino Factory,
where you get to assemble, inspect and control dinosaur robots!
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Science Buskers Festival (July)
Witness the spectacular show and tell LIVE as talented students wow you with 
their interactive, live demonstrations! Click here for details!

Singapore Science Festival 2017 (July)
 A national event celebrating the dynamism of science, engineering, technology and biomedicine,
this year’s iteration of SSF aims to reach over 100,000 participants over the span of three weeks.
With a two-day science carnival X-periment! and live demonstrations by
internationally-renowned scientists, 2017 is looking to be SSF’s biggest and best year yet!
Click here for details!

What are your memories of us?

Care to share memorable moments with us?
Check the poster below and please contact us if you have a written reflection, photo, video, ticket stub
or any meaningful artefact to share with us.
We’d love to hear from you!

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A little about us…

“The Science Centre was conceived to stimulate a continuing interest among children in the schools and the lay public in the principles of science and how they are used in technology.” 
Dr Toh Chin Chye (former Minister of Science and Technology)

Our purpose then was to popularise science and technology and for the population to appreciate aspects of science in a leisurely and entertaining manner.

40 years on, our poise remains unchanged.

We popularise science by creating an environment where the audience can indulge in participatory learning. The assortment of exhibits spanning various disciplines are basically incubators of scientific knowledge and the emphasis is more on hands-on exploratory learning rather than the formal text-based approach.

Besides exhibitions, the Science Centre runs programmes with school teachers, guided tours, lectures and screens films on science. It also produces publications on science.

Science Centre Singapore has the country’s largest collection of educational and exhibit materials devoted to science. Two years after it opened its doors, the International Council of Museums ranked 'Singapore Science Centre' as among the world’s top 10 best science centres.

Science Centre Singapore (rebranded from 'Singapore Science Centre') is today seen as an alternate classroom without walls. Through inspiring science and innovative approaches, we now advance our mission to impact even global audiences.

With your continued support, we can not only promote greater science literacy but help create an environment in Singapore where not only our Centre but everyone uses science to befriend and transform the lives of one another.

Did you know?

There is a time capsule buried somewhere in Science Centre! It was sealed in 1973 to commemorate the laying of the Centre’s foundation stone and has been opened three times in 1983, 2001 and 2012 with new mementoes added each time! Since then, the time capsule is yet to be open.

Science Centre Singapore housed the largest Observatory in Southeast Asia! It was built at a cost of $1.2 million and opened on 1 December 1989.

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Press Release

Click here for the '40 years of Inspiring Science' Press Release.