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Project - Digital Planetarium


The Science Centre plans to set up a Digital Planetarium within the existing IMAX theatre (Omni-Theatre) which is equipped with a 23m wide dome screen and state-of-the-art technology. The Planetarium allows the viewing of stars, planets and other astronomical objects as well as any content imaginable in real time.

It is the universe brought alive before your eyes!  The Planetarium allows the screening of pre-programmed shows or the presentation of live lectures with real-time content, customised on the fly.  

The magic of the digital planetarium lies in its ability to ‘zoom’ into images of the universe, and select any planet, phenomenon or astronomical object to focus on.  The software allows for a Show Presenter to manipulate the content on the screen and conduct a live lecture at the same time.  Hence, it allows for interactive learning and close rapport with audiences.  The entire universe is practically in the hands of the presenter! 

The full dome visual coupled with the surround-sound effects will provide audiences with an out-of-this-world experience.  The Planetarium is expected to be set up at a cost of $4 million.

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