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Our Vision, Mission &
Core Values

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Our Vision

Where Science befriends and transforms the minds of millions 

Our Mission

To promote interest, learning and creativity in science and technology, through imaginative and enjoyable experience and contribute to the nation's development of its human resource

Our Core Values


We are passionate about science and its
ability to enrich lives


We continuously innovate to learn
and improve


We maintain the highest level of
professionalism in our work


We provide quality experiences that
inspire and foster learning

Why a Science Centre

Singapore Science CentreWhile it is recognised that formal educational institutions will fulfil the primary objective of producing science literate people, there is a need for the population at large to appreciate aspects of science in a leisurely and entertaining manner. Of relatively recent origins, science centres are endowed with the resources to accomplish this task admirably. They popularise science by creating an environment where the audience can indulge in participatory learning.

The variety of exhibits spanning various disciplines are basically incubators of scientific knowledge and emphasises hands-on exploratory learning rather than a formal text-based approach. Through innovative science exhibits stressing on aspects of everyday life and other developments relevant to a nation, science centres are ideally poised to play an important role in nation-building efforts.

The Science Centre Singapore achieves its objectives in the following ways:

  • Setting up exhibitions that illustrate the principles of science and technology and to show their relevance to everyday life
  • Conducting school programmes to complement the school science syllabi
  • Producing scientific magazines and natural history guide books to increase the knowledge and understanding of students and the general public
  • Organising promotional activities to bring science closer to the people of Singapore


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