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Interactive Virtual Aquarium


The Interactive Virtual Aquarium (IVA) is a state-of-the-art experience that allows visitors to view and interact with aquatic creatures in an immersive environment.

The IVA consists of three different aquariums designed as a part of an aquarium maze. The multi-sensory experience involves sight, sound and interaction. The entire experience accommodates 15 people at any one time and is automatically synchronized, allowing groups of 5 visitors to enter the aquarium maze for 3 minutes to view the 3 different aquariums.

After the first three minutes, each aquarium window is darkened and visitors are invited to proceed to the next aquarium. The total maze takes 9 minutes from start to end. Visitors can interact with the aquarium creatures (fishes, plants, etc) with their bare hands in a game-like setting and the creatures react & respond to the movements.

Costing $500,000, the IVA is developed by EON Reality, a U.S. based company who is the world's leading interactive 3D solutions provider for virtual reality technology.

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