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Education Programme - Signature Science Shows


Science Shows are one of the Science Centre Singapore’s highlight for visitors.  We use Science Shows to demonstrate science concepts that may otherwise be difficult to translate into exhibits.

With a strong belief that staged science shows are fundamental, essential programmes for the Science Centre, our team of passionate educators aspire to reinvent our shows.  Science Shows are dramatised and characters are added into the shows to create new and innovative ways of presenting science to the public.

Our Science Shows pull in a crowd of more than 1,000 visitors for on weekends and Public Holidays. This translates to more than 100,000 visitors in a year catching our shows at the Science Centre.

We welcome working with sponsors to develop a Signature Science Show.  We aim to promote entertaining & relevant science to all through our specially customised themed show.  These shows could be customised to bring across important social messages such as Energy Conservation or the importance of maintaining a Healthy Lifestyles to visitors.

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